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Migrating usage of repositoryAdmin to repositoryRegistry

Reducing docker image by switching to openjdk slim base image

Reducing docker image size

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Adding license text

Adding fix for older docker version

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    • +11
Changing docker image handling for webtest build

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    • +123
Changing URL for connectivity tests

ooops fix copy/paste

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

new git url

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

Adding additonal output for troubleshooting on ci-server

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Adding additional output for docker script

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    • +15
Generics and cleanup to reduce compiler warnings

Adding generics and reducing compiler warnings

Changing JCR queries to new syntax

Trying to remove compiler warning

Reducing compiler warnings

Reducing compiler warnings

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Switching to apache commons collections4

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Changes to avoid compile warnings

Changing the event system to use the checksum module

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Unifying checksum code into the checksum module

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Adding ChecksumValidator and removing SiSu Plexus dependency

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Removing sisu dependency

Reorganizing imports

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Removing nexus indexer from startup

Updating index merge to new maven api

Cleaning up indexing task

Adding Null checks for selenium

Removing IndexerCleaners

Switching to ubuntu:xenial