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Another Test

Another citest

Fix for iexplore driver

Sync with master

Adding selenium driver update script

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Readding the selenium update script

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Improve workspace cleanup

Adding cleanup of indexer directories

Adding additional wait for citest

Additional wait for citest

Fixing config delete issue

Trying another chrome fix

Fixing issues on ciserver

Reset citest to current master state

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Trying to fix chrome issues with the WebDriver

Trying another fix for a chrome error

Trying additional fix for chrome WebDriver

Additional fix for chrome WebDriver

Adding fixes for chrome WebDriver

Fixing maven config for remote selenium server

Improving robustness of JS Tests

Fixed timing issues that occurred during javascript updates.

Fix for older docker versions

Finish migrating tests to Webdriver

Migrating additional tests to WebDriver

LoginTest, ArchivaAdminTest, RepositoryAdminTest are migrated to WebDriver tests

with FluentWait usage.

Changing tests to WebDriver

Adding intellij ignore pattern

Updating tests for WebDriver and jetty backend

Migrating selenium tests

[MRM-1945] Fixing race condition

Do not return used locks anymore. If the lock map contains

an entry already, the retry loop continues.

Script for workspace cleanup on ciserver

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