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Unifying checksum code into the checksum module

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Reorganizing imports

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Switching repository admin and dependent classes to RepositoryRegistry

RepositoryRegistry is used for indexing context now. There is still more work to do

to move the maven dependent parts into its own projects and update the dependencies.

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Rearranging modules and adding indexer api

Combining the indexer api and repository api into archiva-repository-api

They have bidirectional dependencies so they are put together in one module.

Adding new classes for a generalized indexer api that will be used for interfaces

and implementation independent tasks.

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Refactoring the repository content factory

Adding content provider service that creates repository content instances

remove direct access to the repository content instances.

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Adapting the scheduler to the new repository api

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Adding data path to configuration

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Changing daysOlder to retentionTime

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Migrating scheduler to java.nio

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Migrating repository scanner to java.nio

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Removing indexer directory from source

This directory seems to be accidentally in the source

fixing some directories

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

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Fix two incorrect SLF4J logger calls

These issues were found by SLF4J Helper for NetBeans IDE:

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[MRM-1957] Spliting statistics plugin module

Adding new API module (metadata-statistics-api) for statistics and move the

jcr specific tasks to the metadata store module.

Providing interfaces for the statistics API.

Removing dependencies to store specific libraries (like JCR) from the statistic


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revert previous changes for this test as it fail on jenkins but not locally... It Works On My Machine is back :-)

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

[MRM-1956] Replace tomcat-jdbc pool with HikariCP

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

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more usage of MockRepositorySessionFactory

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MRM-1865 remove isPermanent flag

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take advantage of generic type

one move for all remaining override annotation

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more diamond

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use diamond operator

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cleanup logging on shutdown

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remove unused imports

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use new quartz builder

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fix logging

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remove empty javadoc

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add some FIXME but not for this release :-)

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[MRM-1729] add MetadataRepository#hasMetadataFacet to prevent slow startup time better fix it looks I missed something :-)

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fix mock RepositoryStatisticsManager compilation

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