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Improving URL check for organisation info

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Fixing MRM-1972: Adding additional encoding for name value

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[MRM-1972] Adding additional encoding for name value

(cherry picked from commit 8e5fdd4536421a1a3f0cc5b70725148eeb27b652)

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Add url validation for certain fields

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Add url validation for certain fields

(cherry picked from commit a36035b49ba7d6514d6c386b51e1ad2512371b3d)

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Adding config file removal before tests

(cherry picked from commit 63154a6af822384907566f3998c7948d6d34eed8)

Adding config file removal before tests

Starting refactoring of proxy handling.

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Reducing compiler warnings

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Reorganizing imports

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Adapting to event api change

Switching repository admin and dependent classes to RepositoryRegistry

RepositoryRegistry is used for indexing context now. There is still more work to do

to move the maven dependent parts into its own projects and update the dependencies.

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Using RepositoryRegistry in repository admin implementations

Switching to the repository registry to retrieve repository data.

Indexing is currently kept in the admin part, but will be moved in the future

to the registry.

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Migration repository admin to java.nio

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Moving indexer to java.nio

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Utilize parameterized logging and remove toString() calls

As suggested in the SLF4J FAQ:

.. parameterized logging can improve the efficiency of logger calls when

logging at the specified level is disabled.

In addition, per the FAQ:

since SLF4J 1.6.0 it is possible to use parameterized logging and also

log an exception/throwable.

toString() is called automatically:

These changes were suggested by SLF4J Helper for NetBeans IDE:

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revert wrong change

add more mock for consumer archetype test

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add a new module with mock for test

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Add a AbstractMetadataRepository to remove duplicated code

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[MRM-1864] use SSL by default for central

This matches the default configuration used in the latest version of Maven.

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split out audit facet and listener to match others

by placing these in the metadata model / API they can be used more broadly,

while the storage-dependant implementation can be in a plugin. This means the

plugins can be removed from the admin implementation, which can then be used

(as required) in the CLI

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one move for all remaining override annotation

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more diamond

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use diamond operator

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move the factory bean to the api

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fix compilation

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[MRM-1746] build merged index for groups with a cron schedule

git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68

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fix logging warn level

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