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Trying to fix the archetype error on ci-build

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Changing log level to find out about ci build error

CI build throws a permission denied error on the Consumer Archetype test.

Rearranging modules and adding indexer api

Combining the indexer api and repository api into archiva-repository-api

They have bidirectional dependencies so they are put together in one module.

Adding new classes for a generalized indexer api that will be used for interfaces

and implementation independent tasks.

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Refactoring the repository content factory

Adding content provider service that creates repository content instances

remove direct access to the repository content instances.

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Adapting consumers to new repository api interfaces.

Using the repository api where necessary.

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Migrating consumers to java.nio

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use same plugin version

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

Synchronizing surefire versions

Another switch to new plugin version

Switch to new plugin version to improve jenkins build

enforce version in archetype

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

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no need of clean

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make easy testing for archetype

add more mock for consumer archetype test

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fix version

use mock in consumer archetype

should help empty repo build

trying to help jenkins build

align junit version

align surefire version

ensure works from clean repository

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update archetype for repository metadata

use mocks instead of full implementations for testing, cut down dependencies

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simplify required namespaces

ensure spring context is added to archetype

remove unused dependencies and imports

add generics

ensure archetype builds on a clean repository

Need to line up several dependencies that got managed differently, and trim

out things no longer needed. This could use a diet in general - there should

not be very much of Archiva's API or dependencies needed to build and test a


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remove antrun only used for echo

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trim POM to required resources

must also populate variables