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Use an Enum for Cassandra column names instead of duplicated Strings

[MRM-1390] Bump version to 2.2.0

  1. … 55 more files in changeset.
Merge branch 'project-properties'

make it clear it is ConcurrentMap so no need of synchronized block

Remove duplicated cleanup in tests

copy collections to avoid ConcurrentModificationException

[MRM-1390] Implement search methods for generic metadata and properties in Cassandra store

Some caveats with Cassandra implementation:

We can't search artifacts by any (wildcard) property, so searchArtifacts(text,...) just calls getArtifactsByMetadata

The exact parameter is ignored as we can't do non exact searches in Cassandra

Add pom properties to ProjectVersionMetadata

[MRM-1848] download links for files multi-dot extensions incorrect in Browse view

spring 4.1.2

modelmapper version 0.7.3

MRM-1848 lazy fix for tar.gz

assertj 1.7.0

merge branch from Carlos. Thanks mate!!

Add a AbstractMetadataRepository to remove duplicated code

[MRM-1390] Add REST methods to search JCR store for generic metadata and properties

Added REST methods:






In JCR implementation When searching into any property (key = nil) we can't do exact searchs

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[MRM-1807] Archiva wrapper fail to start

upgrade cassandra to 2.0.9

1.7 diamond

jmxPort must be dynamic as well

log4j 2.1

remove obsolote page

Merge branch 'MRM-813'

add missing @since, formatting, make fields private

Metatada typo fixes

MRM-813 tweak APC interface and ADRF AuditEvents

MRM-1863 synchronize link and text link display for repository group ctd

MRM-1863 synchronize link and text link display for repository group

fix target java version for modernizer plugin

start fixing issues reported by modernizer maven plugin