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Fixes for JDK11

Trying to fix merge test error on build server

Moving mavenmerge class to archiva-maven-repository module

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Improving error handling and log for repository scan

Relaxing precision for date comparison in unit test

Reducing time resolution for meta artifacts

cahnge tabs-below to tabs-top;

Changing build to maven 3.5.4

Adding maven path into Jenkins mvn call

Using test loop for browse service test

Adding license statement

Fixing MPE

Modifying jcr import file for schema changes

Finishing JCR schema changes. Using dedicated primary types.

Migrating to primaryTypes and modifying dependencies

Changing artifacts.xml for statistics test

Fixing facet retrieval

Migrating to JCR primary types

Switching to list as return values.

Changing method names and adding javadoc for metarepository

Changing contract for nullable parameters

Adding generic checksum storage for artifacts

Adding stream methods for artifact search

Changing checksum handling in metadata

Fixing TZ for time storage. Adding stream implementations.

Adding query param object for search queries

Changing time type for modification time

Fixing cassandra stream api

Changing time parameter

Implementing stream methods. Changing date arguments to java time API.