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tomcat 7.0.54

add corigin/archiva-1.3.x

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1.7 mandatory with 2.1.0

add issues in release notes

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use staged release registry

spring 4.0.6

remove archiva-1.3.x excludes

master build will fail if you leave them around (RAT), so better to be

reminded to clean out when switching

update line endings

prevent build order issues

It seemed that whenever the release profile was enabled, the POM ordering was

not respected causing the antrun plugin to happen before the appassembler

plugin. Move them to different, more appropriate phases.

fix formatting

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log4j2 rc2

fix version

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-1.3.9

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release notes for 1.3.9

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revert c648adb3061202572de0fa575150e48ce4c486de too

revert previous commit as 2.x was not affected in fact

fix POM after last release

upgrade to latest Struts

[MRM-1796] support artifacts larger than 4G

[MRM-1796] support artifacts larger than 4G

[MRM-1796] support artifacts larger than 4G [MRM-1796] support artifacts larger than 4G

fix unit

add comment

[MRM-1846] Regression in 2.0.1 : uniqueVersion false not supported

fix rat configuration

configure cxf logger

prevent js error when updating password

spring 4.0.5

[MRM-1841] "Remember me" not working restore password storage in the cookie. if remember activated and the cookie is available with a username/password an automatic login will be try