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Proxy changes

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Proxy changes

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Switching to enum for policy options

  1. … 21 more files in changeset.
Update of policies. Adding descriptions and using locale.

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Refactoring proxy classes

Modifying NetworkProxy class. Adding tests.

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Removing felix dependency

Changing version of wagon and maven-converter

Removing sonatype aether dependency

Updating apache commons library versions

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Switching commons collections version

Excluding guice dependency from maven-indexer

Exclude aopalliance dependency

Cleanup of maven dependency (maven-compat)

Adding class from maven-compat module

Fixing archiva-converter dependency

Removing unused archetype-common dependency

Removing unused dependency

Removing duplicate dependencies

Fixing enunciate configuration

Replacing jsr250 dependency by javax.annotations

Removing maven-artifact-manager dependency

Fixing bad import

Cleaning up dependencies

Optimized import

Updating maven dependencies

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Adding utility class to get rid of ant dependency

Removing unused dependencies in pom.xml

Fixes for JDK11

Trying to fix merge test error on build server