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Fixing browse service filter handling

Improved handling of slashes at the beginning of filters

Added patterns for surefire tests to ensure the test runs

Going back to version 2.2.3

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Fixing redback runtime configuration of list properties

Adding retry parameter for pom

slf4j 1.7.25

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

last redback snapshot and log4j 2.8.2

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

no need of prerequisites section

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

exclude Jenkinsfile from rat

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-2.2.2

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Setting versions for release 2.2.2

Adding release documentation

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Adding additional help texts for config properties

Additional try to fix build problems on ci

Trying to fix build error on ci server

Fixing locking tests on windows

Adding additional information for failing tests

Changing webdriver tests to remotewebdriver

Adding docker scripts for ci browser testing

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Changing selenium version for web tests

[MRM-1937] Prevent creation of wrong initial admin

Disables the name field for the admin user, when the primary admin

is created.

[MRM-1859] Improve handling of invalid artifacts

Throws only exception if all artifacts are invalid.


Adding additional documentation

Adding documentation for snippets

Adding release notes for 2.2.2 and variable for release date

Adding some information about redback configuration settings

Adding release notes for 2.2.2

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Fixing test cases for rest service

add a simple Jenkins file

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

Adding validation token during login