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[MRM-1871] copy List before sorting it

[MRM-1871] ConcurrentModificationException in DefaultRepositoryProxyConnectors create a copy to avoid ConcurrentModificationException

[MRM-1390] Cassandra: rename Metadata Facet column 'key' to 'facetKey'

The column 'key' can't be queried in Cassandra

Probably because 'key' is reserved for the element key or a limitation in Hector

Commit f4f7c97 changed the name of metadata facet key and value columns

Restore to the previous one

Use the same list of ArtifactMetadata column names everywhere

Use an Enum for Cassandra column names instead of duplicated Strings

[MRM-1390] Bump version to 2.2.0

  1. … 55 more files in changeset.
Merge branch 'project-properties'

make it clear it is ConcurrentMap so no need of synchronized block

Remove duplicated cleanup in tests

copy collections to avoid ConcurrentModificationException

[MRM-1390] Implement search methods for generic metadata and properties in Cassandra store

Some caveats with Cassandra implementation:

We can't search artifacts by any (wildcard) property, so searchArtifacts(text,...) just calls getArtifactsByMetadata

The exact parameter is ignored as we can't do non exact searches in Cassandra

Add pom properties to ProjectVersionMetadata

[MRM-1848] download links for files multi-dot extensions incorrect in Browse view

spring 4.1.2

modelmapper version 0.7.3

MRM-1848 lazy fix for tar.gz

assertj 1.7.0

merge branch from Carlos. Thanks mate!!

Add a AbstractMetadataRepository to remove duplicated code

[MRM-1390] Add REST methods to search JCR store for generic metadata and properties

Added REST methods:






In JCR implementation When searching into any property (key = nil) we can't do exact searchs

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[MRM-1807] Archiva wrapper fail to start

upgrade cassandra to 2.0.9

1.7 diamond

jmxPort must be dynamic as well

log4j 2.1

remove obsolote page

Merge branch 'MRM-813'

add missing @since, formatting, make fields private

Metatada typo fixes