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fix location of beans

split out audit facet and listener to match others

by placing these in the metadata model / API they can be used more broadly,

while the storage-dependant implementation can be in a plugin. This means the

plugins can be removed from the admin implementation, which can then be used

(as required) in the CLI

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more autowiring

ensure works from clean repository

update archetype for repository metadata

use mocks instead of full implementations for testing, cut down dependencies

make optional for Spring

in case of tests that don't add any repository listeners to the classpath

fix merge of converters

The test files in artifact converter had been adjusted, and need to merge the

spring context. Also make the artifactConverter injection more specific to

avoid picking up those defined for tests

simplify required namespaces

ensure spring context is added to archetype

remove unused dependencies and imports

add generics

destroy context on close

use new log4j 2 configuration format

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remove commented dependency

add missing dependency

remove wagon manager hack

Should no longer be needed since moving to Maven 3 project API

ensure archiva-cli is able to run

clean up the dependencies used and add some missing configuration form shade

split out problem facet

this avoids modules wanting to report a problem from having to depend on the

plugin itself and its consumer, etc.

fix scan location

fix package declarations

avoid duplicating classes in the produced bundle

merge artifact-converter into converter

Large amount of duplicated information and an unnecessary split package

caused duplicates in the produced bundle

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no longer needed

ensure archetype builds on a clean repository

Need to line up several dependencies that got managed differently, and trim

out things no longer needed. This could use a diet in general - there should

not be very much of Archiva's API or dependencies needed to build and test a


remove antrun only used for echo

trim POM to required resources

must also populate variables

[MRM-1853] On first start up, you get a perpetual loading indicator. Submitted by Robert David

revert as was bad configuration in Jenkins sonar plugin

force sonar version

last parent for sonar plugin