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Stabilised file lock implementation and tests

Stabilised file lock implementation and tests

Add cache reset after configuration save

Remove comment

Fix i18n string for JPA RBac Manager

Add additional dependency to fix jenkins build

Another switch to new plugin version

Switch to new plugin version to improve jenkins build

Fixing wrong checksum files of proxy repositories


Merge branch 'master' into jpa

Changing transaction handling

Adding JPA provider as user manager

Merge branch 'pr/28'

Merge branch 'pr/27'

Adding isValid() method to authentication classes

Adding isValid() method to authentication classes

[MRM-1928] Use applicationUrl setting in HTTP redirects

Make use of webapp application URL setting when constructing the HTTP

Location header within redirect responses, which allows clients to

follow them when Archiva runs behind HTTP reverse proxies.

Improving error handling for LDAP configuration

Error is only displayed, if LDAP is used as repository. The error

messages are more detailed and internationalized.

cosmetic :-)

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

simplify code

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

Adding myself as committer

simplify section null checking, and guard against NPEs

Adding test case for repository listing

Adding restricted view for user managable repositories

Adds additional rest method to list the repositories where the user

has manage permissions.

Restricts the view for uploads to only managable repositories.

Changing upload permissions using parameter reference

Needs the new functionality in the redback annotations.

use last parent snapshot

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

Merge branch 'pr/25' [MRM-1909]

Adding unit test for remote repository check

use StringUtils to shorter code

Signed-off-by: olivier lamy <>

Removing trailing slash in remote repository check