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merge artifact-converter into converter

Large amount of duplicated information and an unnecessary split package

caused duplicates in the produced bundle

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no longer needed

ensure archetype builds on a clean repository

Need to line up several dependencies that got managed differently, and trim

out things no longer needed. This could use a diet in general - there should

not be very much of Archiva's API or dependencies needed to build and test a


remove antrun only used for echo

trim POM to required resources

must also populate variables

[MRM-1853] On first start up, you get a perpetual loading indicator. Submitted by Robert David

revert as was bad configuration in Jenkins sonar plugin

force sonar version

last parent for sonar plugin

use last cxf 2.6.x version

commons logging 1.2

log4j2 2.0

line ending

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    • +65
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-2.1.0

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use a staged released parent

tomcat 7.0.54

add corigin/archiva-1.3.x

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1.7 mandatory with 2.1.0

add issues in release notes

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use staged release registry

spring 4.0.6

remove archiva-1.3.x excludes

master build will fail if you leave them around (RAT), so better to be

reminded to clean out when switching

update line endings

prevent build order issues

It seemed that whenever the release profile was enabled, the POM ordering was

not respected causing the antrun plugin to happen before the appassembler

plugin. Move them to different, more appropriate phases.

fix formatting

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log4j2 rc2

fix version

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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