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ignore netbeans ide file

fix error text for MRM-1851

synchro parent version for it test + bump version

add a profile for coverage (jacoco-coverage)

create a testrule to get a temp folder with a predictible name

MRM-1311: Added Loggers to core consumers

REST: BrowseServiceTest: Mitigate Stale Item Error

use redback registry snapshot to converge on spring 4.1.0

[MRM-1846] Regression in 2.0.1 : uniqueVersion false not supported

use last redback snapshot fix non valid tld files

spring 4.1.0

small improvement :-)

release note for 2.1.1

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release archiva-2.1.1

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using staged released version

[MRM-1854] Last modified date is epoch on directory listing for a group


last guice 4.0-beta4 version

log4j 2.0.2

upgrade httpclient to 4.3.5 and httpcore to 4.3.2

log4j 2.0.1

turn down logging on cache

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change immediateFlush to true as users looks to be confused :-)

use final part of the repository directory as the ID

[MRM-1857] RSS feeds not working

Make sure Struts ignores the paths mapped to other servlets, including feeds

and xmlrpc. Also fix a context path issue for the feed on the repositories


re-order test

additional exclusion

remove duplicate JTA library

take advantage of generic type