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Don't generate MD5 checksums and instead generate SHA-256 and SHA-512
Release of Ivy 2.5.0-rc1 in the Eclipse updatesite
Happy new year

Update the referenced versions also in the updatesite sources

fix jenkins urls

fix jenkins urls

junit test fix: the order of the extra-info elements has changed from undefined (from Map) to predictable (from List)
FIX: failed to resolve dynamic revisions in some cases for URL repositories (IVY-1472)
IVY-1471 : remove the catch of the exception which makes the class not load if the optional jsch-agent jar is missing

IVYDE-363: a test project for a ssh resolver

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Fix the way Ivy's extra info where used

Make getExtraInfos and getExtraInfo work on the same data, with the explicit bias on getting the data out on the deprecated mathod

when building the release, also include in the sources the test data about the OSGi tests

Add some pointer to new api

typo in comment
Update Checkstyle, so the Ivy-Check build job could run.


Fix broken unit test, force publication date on testExtraInfosWithNestedElement as PomParsing can generate a publication date based on file modification date
IMPROVEMENT: ivy:makepom will generate an exclusion when transitive=false on a dependency (IVY-1470)
Merging several changes from trunk to the 2.4.x branch.
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FIX: regression introduced by IVY-1457, dependency management wasn't properly handled introducing lots of resolution failures
basic support for the workspace resolver to find OSGi bundles managed by Ivy in the workspace (Ivy 2.4.0-rc2 is required)

Add type parameters

Configuring Eclipse to compile for java 1.6

When parsing an OSGi MANIFEST, add its entries in the extra infos of the module descriptor

MPROVEMENT: ModuleRules.getRule is O(n) leading to resolution slowness (IVY-1465) (Thanks to Zhong Wang aka Kewpie)
FIX: impossible to get artifacts when data has not been loaded (IVY-1399) (thanks to David Turner)
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- fix how IvyDE handle access rules on inner jars

- some Eclipse bundles are referencing inexistant inner jar: handle it gently

IVYDE-362: Typo in IvyResolveJob (thanks to Nicolas Gavalda)

IVYDE-361: Deadlock in classpath container

Update release notes