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moved to gitbox
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generate the site with a proper copyright year
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Update copyright year
IvyDE sources is now under git
IvyDE sources is now under git; fix of the link to Jenkins
make release official
prepare site for announcement
'early' release of updated manual
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add releases
not found any more: Leafcutter, luntbuild (alternative URLs found), Savant
not found any more: AntHill, Antiplate, Ant Script Library (found only an old article), JavaGen Ant Modules
Update the FAQ to include a section about Ivy's (optional) Apache HTTP client usage
bz-62499 Add a http to https redirect test for get task
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fix accent in Jan's name
fix broken acutes
Announce AntUnit 1.4
AntUnit 1.4 updates
re-generate site
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prepare for new releases
add new Ant releases
Don't generate MD5 checksums and instead generate SHA-256 and SHA-512
Allow "install-doc" to install the documentation (optionally) into a different target directory
Fix the "latest-milestone" documetation for Ivy site
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junitlauncher task, in the current released version, already allows "includeEngines" and "excludeEngines" attribute for test definition; update the documentation to reflect that
First run of a migration from xooki to asciidoc

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script to migrate from html to asciidoc
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detach the lastest milestone, since one is xooki based, the other is asciidoc based
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Release of Ivy 2.5.0-rc1
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Release of Ivy 2.5.0-rc1
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update the last version of the doc
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