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use https wherever my Firefox is willing to accept the certificate - didn't actually check many of the links
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new target for updating the (online)manual from Ant's git-repo
Move my entry into PMC section
CVE-2017-5645: Apache Ant 1.9.9 and 1.10.1 - Apache Log4j 1.2.13 security vulnerability
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support https:// too
re-generate site
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add more flesh to announcemnet
forgot to update FAQ
prepare site update
add new releases
happy new year
add a memorial section and add 'in memoriam' of Bruce there
Regnerate latest "master" site for Ivy
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Add the timeout constraint specific documentation files, which were missed out in a previous commit
IVY-1089 Use the newer (since 2.0) terminology for configuration files in Ivy
Regenerate latest master site documentation for Ivy
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fix ezmlm link
remove the reports from the site
push the last version of Ivy's documentation
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Generate latest docs for "master"
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Regenerate latest "master" documentation for Ivy
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document the new targets for Ivy
regeneration of the site

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add a target to install already built Ivy doc
make xooki run on modern jvm
rename trunk into master

update copyright
re-generate site
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make ant pass test on
Include my name in the active committers section and introduce myself