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Changeset 1802721 is being indexed.

fix ezmlm link
remove the reports from the site
push the last version of Ivy's documentation
  1. … 157 more files in changeset.
Generate latest docs for "master"
  1. … 124 more files in changeset.
Regenerate latest "master" documentation for Ivy
  1. … 156 more files in changeset.
document the new targets for Ivy
regeneration of the site

  1. … 1282 more files in changeset.
add a target to install already built Ivy doc
make xooki run on modern jvm
rename trunk into master

update copyright
re-generate site
  1. … 23 more files in changeset.
make ant pass test on
Include my name in the active committers section and introduce myself
Compress Antlib 1.5
update for Compress Antlib 1.5, but defer publishing
more doap files
    • ?
add Compress Antlib 1.5 release
add doap files for antlibs with releases
    • ?
update links; remove unavailable resources
update links; remove unavailable resources
update links
add .tar.xz links for 1.10.1
re-publish site
  1. … 2606 more files in changeset.
prepare site for release announcement
add release data
fix eol-style
Pointer to Output Colorizer by Joe's Diner Webmaster
testfiles for XZ tasks
    • ?
EasyAnt-repos not active any more (listed on the archive page)