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update for Compress Antlib 1.5, but defer publishing
more doap files
    • ?
add Compress Antlib 1.5 release
add doap files for antlibs with releases
    • ?
update links; remove unavailable resources
update links; remove unavailable resources
update links
add .tar.xz links for 1.10.1
re-publish site
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prepare site for release announcement
add release data
fix eol-style
Pointer to Output Colorizer by Joe's Diner Webmaster
testfiles for XZ tasks
    • ?
EasyAnt-repos not active any more (listed on the archive page)
announce retiring of EasyAnt
Archive EasyAnt
Marker file in site/easyant
Archive EasyAnt
EasyAnt is archived
re-generate site
    • ?
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happy new year
prepare site for new releases
add manual for 1.9.8
    • ?
  1. … 1597 more files in changeset.
add new releases
fix git link
archive EasyAnt
update archive (just templates)
1st improvement regarding special characters
Processes retirment/reactivating subprojects/compoennts
  1. … 12 more files in changeset.