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adding a reference to ant-git-tasks
Add missing file

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regenerate the site for the trunk doc

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Generate trunk version of the doc

Generate trunk version of the doc

ignore the working directory

revert r1635332 since the ant target checkout-history can handle different folder names, and changing an url breaks the internet

trunk is master in git

remove every svn:externals; every history doc will have to be generated from git now

Improve the checkout so it can handle the latest milestone branch

Add a simple target to checkout an history version from git

trunk is is managed by svn:externals anymore

Update ivy trunk doc

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add git source dir and file shortcuts for xooki

regenerate Ivy site

Ivy code source is now in git

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fix jenkins urls

fix jenkins urls

use TLS to download signature/checksums
repo changed to git
reflect INFRA-7890: rename easyant repos
It works :)
Test commit access after creation of git read only mirror
git URIs for antlibs
site update because of migration to git
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junit test fix: the order of the extra-info elements has changed from undefined (from Map) to predictable (from List)
FIX: failed to resolve dynamic revisions in some cases for URL repositories (IVY-1472)
Manually fix broken non-ASCII characters
Upgrade to antunit 1.3
try to zap some gremlins, but problems still exist