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release of Apache Ant 1.9.4
IMPROVEMENT: ivy:makepom will generate an exclusion when transitive=false on a dependency (IVY-1470)
Merging several changes from trunk to the 2.4.x branch.
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FIX: regression introduced by IVY-1457, dependency management wasn't properly handled introducing lots of resolution failures
add contributors files and patch.xml to binary tarballs as well
zap tabs
add contributors files and patch.xml to source tarballs
basic support for the workspace resolver to find OSGi bundles managed by Ivy in the workspace (Ivy 2.4.0-rc2 is required)

Add type parameters

Configuring Eclipse to compile for java 1.6

When parsing an OSGi MANIFEST, add its entries in the extra infos of the module descriptor

dry things up a little
PR 56470 - add line breaks between the captured log messages
bump copyright year
PR 43582 add a new AntUnitListener that immediately forwards all log output
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PR 53383 add new assertions that really work with non-file resoucres
compile before running findbugs
adding a classpath tag in order to prevent a runtime error caused by a Java bug and the JUnit 4 annotations from happening
fixing syntax error, only one condition is supported inside the condition task
add a special property to set to build the MacOSX installer

since we do not ship it by default

add a check that our POMS are able to compile the code in

preparation for Ant 1.9.5
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Tagging version 1.9.4 of Ant
removing ANT_194 tag before of Ant before updating it
rolling back to ant 1.9.4 as the pom.xml of ant-testutil was referencing incorrectly junit 3.8.2 instead of junit 4.11
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preparation for ant 1.9.5 release
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Tagging version 1.9.4 of Ant
preparation for Ant 1.9.4 release
MPROVEMENT: ModuleRules.getRule is O(n) leading to resolution slowness (IVY-1465) (Thanks to Zhong Wang aka Kewpie)
Add the possibility to have a flat classpath instead of an OSGi one

FIX: impossible to get artifacts when data has not been loaded (IVY-1399) (thanks to David Turner)
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