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compile before running findbugs
adding a classpath tag in order to prevent a runtime error caused by a Java bug and the JUnit 4 annotations from happening
fixing syntax error, only one condition is supported inside the condition task
add a special property to set to build the MacOSX installer

since we do not ship it by default

add a check that our POMS are able to compile the code in

preparation for Ant 1.9.5
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Tagging version 1.9.4 of Ant
removing ANT_194 tag before of Ant before updating it
rolling back to ant 1.9.4 as the pom.xml of ant-testutil was referencing incorrectly junit 3.8.2 instead of junit 4.11
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preparation for ant 1.9.5 release
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Tagging version 1.9.4 of Ant
preparation for Ant 1.9.4 release
MPROVEMENT: ModuleRules.getRule is O(n) leading to resolution slowness (IVY-1465) (Thanks to Zhong Wang aka Kewpie)
Add the possibility to have a flat classpath instead of an OSGi one

FIX: impossible to get artifacts when data has not been loaded (IVY-1399) (thanks to David Turner)
  1. /ivy/core/trunk/test/repositories/IVY-1399
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- fix how IvyDE handle access rules on inner jars

- some Eclipse bundles are referencing inexistant inner jar: handle it gently

update Ivy site for the doc of trunk

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IVYDE-362: Typo in IvyResolveJob (thanks to Nicolas Gavalda)

IVYDE-361: Deadlock in classpath container

Add Intellij IDEA control files to GitIgnore
Increase timeout in test to give loaded systems a chance to complete properly
Prevent on cleanup NPE when test skipped
Test improvements: convert to JUnit4, improved error testing and remove sleeps
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remove unnecessary classes
code cleaning
Cleaning easyantOption
Update release notes

Actually Ivy 2.4 is needed for inner classpath support: activate the feture only if the expected API is available

stick with the API 2.3 of Ivy
update trunk version
updated CHANGES.txt