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add a special property to set to build the MacOSX installer

since we do not ship it by default

add a check that our POMS are able to compile the code in

preparation for Ant 1.9.5
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Tagging version 1.9.4 of Ant
removing ANT_194 tag before of Ant before updating it
rolling back to ant 1.9.4 as the pom.xml of ant-testutil was referencing incorrectly junit 3.8.2 instead of junit 4.11
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preparation for ant 1.9.5 release
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Tagging version 1.9.4 of Ant
preparation for Ant 1.9.4 release
MPROVEMENT: ModuleRules.getRule is O(n) leading to resolution slowness (IVY-1465) (Thanks to Zhong Wang aka Kewpie)
Add the possibility to have a flat classpath instead of an OSGi one

FIX: impossible to get artifacts when data has not been loaded (IVY-1399) (thanks to David Turner)
  1. /ivy/core/trunk/test/repositories/IVY-1399
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- fix how IvyDE handle access rules on inner jars

- some Eclipse bundles are referencing inexistant inner jar: handle it gently

update Ivy site for the doc of trunk

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IVYDE-362: Typo in IvyResolveJob (thanks to Nicolas Gavalda)

IVYDE-361: Deadlock in classpath container

Add Intellij IDEA control files to GitIgnore
Increase timeout in test to give loaded systems a chance to complete properly
Prevent on cleanup NPE when test skipped
Test improvements: convert to JUnit4, improved error testing and remove sleeps
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remove unnecessary classes
code cleaning
Cleaning easyantOption
Update release notes

Actually Ivy 2.4 is needed for inner classpath support: activate the feture only if the expected API is available

stick with the API 2.3 of Ivy
update trunk version
updated CHANGES.txt
Use the proper build properties to change the source and target version of javac

fix javac source and target

hit the commit-button too early: have to comment these two tests out