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updated reference to license from http to https using find . -type f -exec sed -i s/ {} \;

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Update build dependencies to a downloadable version of Eclipse WTP

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Package the sources within a version specific root directory

Replace MD5 and SHA1 checksum files with SHA-256 and SHA-512

Place the packaged source in the correct directory

Fix package-sources target, now that we are no longer using SVN for source control

Asciidoc needs to be run unnested from their jar. (thanks to Nicolas)


Update RAT

IvyDE Jenkins expects that Checkstyle failures are ignored

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Checkstyle 7 requires Java 8

Sync Checkstyle setup with Ivy

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Update Ivy version, sync checkstyle and tagsdoc

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doc: add a macro to make simpler links to Jira

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try to fix the checksum check (might be sensitive to the file name case)

set better download base url

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update build dependencies, and reenable the build of the resolve vizualizer

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the resolve visualizer is not built, so don't package it

fix the generation of the doc

Use a newer Eclipse to build IvyDE

It was not working with Java 8 on MacOS X and with the Eclipse 3.7 because of some lookup for a 'Classes' folder in the JDK which doesn't exist

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fix the path of the images in the book

put every doc related files in the doc folder

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Generate the book.html, and fix the title levels

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Migrate all the doc from xooki to asciidoc

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fix the path of the downloaded eclipse

make the installation of Eclipse more easy for headless build

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fix jar path

- make the path absolute on Jenkins - rename targets and properties from hudson to jenkins

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small enhancements to the buildfile - some target-dependencies because of used properties - extract xooki-initialisation - dont unzip if not neccessary - make required directory - rat: check preconditions

update Ivy version, fix message

Make the CI build rely on the latest build of Ivy

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