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Update year in copyright message

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Place the packaged source in the correct directory

Fix package-sources target, now that we are no longer using SVN for source control

Asciidoc needs to be run unnested from their jar. (thanks to Nicolas)


Configure Ivy version in

Use try with resources

Simplify code

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Further sync of Checkstyle setup

Update RAT

IvyDE Jenkins expects that Checkstyle failures are ignored

Checkstyle 7 requires Java 8

Sync Checkstyle setup with Ivy

Simplify assertions

Extraneous putAll, use constructor

Extraneous null checks

Simplify append substring

Simplify logic

Update to appropriate Eclipse version

Drop the version from README

Fix the broken link…

Update the documentation

Complete the conversion

Let’s go asciidoc…

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Extraneous parentheses…

Extraneous exception


A typo…


More revisions…

Documentation review