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Keep IvyDE compatible with Ivy 2.1, as stated on the doc.

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Update release instructions to make a mention of the git hash and svn revision of the releases

Update release notes

IVYDE-388 Fix initialization of PreferenceConstants

Review the documentation

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Check spelling…

Package the sources within a version specific root directory

Include NOTICE and LICENSE files in the resolvevisualizer feature

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HTTP -> HTTPS (thanks, Stefan)


A typo…

Update dev instructions

A typo…

Update installation instructions

Replace MD5 and SHA1 checksum files with SHA-256 and SHA-512

Update release instruction

Release 2.3.0-rc1

Update release instructions

Update release notes in preparation of release

Update year in copyright message

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Place the packaged source in the correct directory

Fix package-sources target, now that we are no longer using SVN for source control

Asciidoc needs to be run unnested from their jar. (thanks to Nicolas)


Configure Ivy version in

Use try with resources

Simplify code

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Further sync of Checkstyle setup

Update RAT

IvyDE Jenkins expects that Checkstyle failures are ignored

Checkstyle 7 requires Java 8