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IVY-1576 make the test a bit more robust to make sure the artifact content is the right one for the dependency

IVY-1576 Update release notes

IVY-1576 Fix parsing of (maven) dependency with multiple classifiers

Minor updates to the release instructions to reflect the correct branch to use for the release

This isn't needed, since the release process is already documented in asciidoc/dev/makerelease.adoc

initial WIP version of release instructions to follow for releasing Ivy

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Support parsing multiple ranges for Maven versions

IVY-1577 - Add support for Maven profile activations by OS, file and JDK and also parse any properties configured within such activated profiles, so that they can then be referenced in the pom

Added getter for the ResolveOptions.

FIX: The method hasIvyListener in org.apache.ivy.core.event.EventManager always returned false

Upgrade to 1.9.10 of Ant

IVY-735 Missed out changes in previous commit

IVY-735 Don't force existing implementations of URLHandler to understand timeout constraints feature which was recently introduced

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IVY-1575 Fix javadoc on URLHandlerDispatcher

Use java.specification.version rather than java.version

Bump up version of Checkstyle (use the latest of 7 series)

Avoid “empty XML tag” warnings

Sort contributors by surname, remove duplicate

Update release notes

IVY-1569 Avoid reflection warnings (or worse) in Java 9+

IVY-1282 Add missing trim()

IVY-1573 do not skip versions with URL encoded characters

Consider .pom files as binary, so that line endings aren't converted, during checkouts resulting in checksum failures

refactor tagsdoc generator

document the new option

resolve current ivy.xml from CLI (by specifying “-properties”)

Happy New Year

tidy up code more

tidy up the code

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