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Use newer version of jacoco

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Remove the workaround introduced in commit 5918182e0d6836d89c42260da9de4428d4cbcec0, now that we require minimum Java 8 runtime

BREAKING: Removed old fr\jayasoft\ivy\ant\antlib.xml AntLib definition file (jira:IVY-1612)

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Use https instead of http

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updated reference to license from http to https using find . -type f -exec sed -i s/ {} \;

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Upgrade to 0.8.3 of jacoco

Add japicmp checks

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Update tools

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Set the https.protocol system property even for regular builds when running on Java 7

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Sync Checkstyle setup with IvyDE

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Update JaCoCo

For the unit tests, do not depend on the version of Ant running the tests, but depend on the version declared in the ivy.xml

Bump up version of Checkstyle (use the latest of 7 series)

More adjustments to Eclipse classpath (whitespace,

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IVY-1546 Maven 1 repo is no longer available. Remove the tests, which anyway weren't running

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revert erroneous removal of pathelement, document it

add a target to generate javadoc for test cases; fix javadoc for doclint

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Check spelling; fix whitespace and links; sort entries in .gitignore

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Sort entries in .gitignore; adjust indentation in build.xml

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use http url, since the ssl handshake fails

Upgrade Checkstyle to 7.8.1

Remove main() in tests, optimise target dependencies in build.xml and address diverse Checkstyle warnings

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remove my test target (accidently commited)

delete before run so later report generation will work

Replace emma with jacoco; upgrade checkstyle and sync its config with Apache Ant; run all documentation targets

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Emma code coverage bytecode manipulation leads to errors in "Strict mode" Java 7. Make it lenient for now.

More loose bits…

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Do not download findbugs every time

Get findbugs working

Make Java 8 doclint happy; adjust javadoc Ant target; remove connection to svn from build.xml

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