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Added short comment in the release notes for the thread-safety fixes made some time ago

IVY-1588 Don't throw a CircularDependencyException when parsing the pom of a import scoped dependency in dependencyManagement section

Revise the documentation

Update the release notes

Fix IVY-982 by subtracting negated entries from wildcard bin

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    • +37
Update the release notes

Fix IVY-1104 by including extra attribute in XML report

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    • +25
Redundant string length calculation

Useless casts

Use try with resources

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Use StandardCharsets

Unused imports

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Set the https.protocol system property even for regular builds when running on Java 7

Fix build failures of tutorials when running against Java 7

Correct credits

Prefer HTTPS

Use try with resources

URL-based resolvers should accept query parameters in publish patterns

Further sync of Checkstyle setup

Update RAT

Sync Checkstyle setup with IvyDE

Update JaCoCo

FIX: Removed fetchedSet field from ResolveEngine because this was causing issues when the same ResolveEngine instance was used by multiple threads. The fetchedSet is now passed around as parameter between the 'fetch' methods of this class.

FIX: ModuleDescriptorMemoryCache isn't thread safe resulting in corruption of the LinkedHashMap internal structure when multiple threads simultaneously read/write to this cache.

Suggest a mail template to announce a release

Update the release instruction for asciidoc documentation

Prepare the version for the next release

Document how to properly declare the qualifier of the OSGi version

when packaging the sources, do not default-exclude, but still exclude .git folder

Update release instructions: we use git now