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Upgrade to 1.62 of bouncycastle

Upgrade to 1.9.14 of Ant

IVY-1580 Resolve any implicit artifacts when one among multiple dependencies of the same module has an explicit artifact/includes declaration

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Use the correct XML namespace URI in the Ivy module descriptor generated out of a pom.xml

Include the content length header value and the downloaded file size, in the exception that gets thrown if they don't match

Fix checksums of .pom files used in tests

Use https instead of http

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Fix checksum files of the ivy.xml(s), that changed in previous commit, used in tests

updated reference to license from http to https using find . -type f -exec sed -i s/ {} \;

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Upgrade to 0.8.3 of jacoco

IVY-1602 Prevent cache corruption when attempting to copy a file to a destination which resolves back to the same source file

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moved to gitbox

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IVY-1594 Make sure we unlink an existing link, when retrieve task is enabled with symlink = true

Update FileSystemResolverTest#testListing to expect a new module that was introduced in the testcase for IVY-1594

IVY-1594 Use a separate moduleid for the testcase to prevent other tests, reliant on the org1:mod1.1 module, from being impacted

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Add IVY-1594 to release notes

IVY-1594 Make sure FileUtil#symlink handles symlinking of directories correctly

NEW: The buildlist task can now have `root` and `leaf` subelements to specify the organisation (and other attributes) of the root and leaf modules

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Revert commit 7131e1c028e0035de548c6b37e1e8c9624417440.

Revert commit ecc271c49247604b5a6396a46ef83fc6b94be594.

Fix merge

Reduce the amount of downloads and add a clarification

Add japicmp checks

Update tools

Update the release notes

Fixed ModuleDescriptorMemoryCacheTest

FIX: ModuleDescriptorMemoryCache didn't detect outdated entries when Ivy file was updated in the cache by another process

In continuation of commit 7131e1c028e0035de548c6b37e1e8c9624417440, make sure the ArtifactOrigin's location is treated as a URL consistently in relevant places

Treat the ArtifactOrigin's location as a URL (as already stated in its javadoc).

Should solve issues, especially on Windows OS, like the one reported in

IVY-1589 Prevent UnsupportedOperationException on list.remove() while doing a FileUtil.deepCopy