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RetrieveEngine: remove superfluous space in error

Use newer version of jacoco

Add Java 8 runtime requirement to release notes

Remove property which seems to be unused

No longer required in Java 8

Upgrade ivy.api.reference version to 2.5.0

Contributed-by: Gintautas Grigelionis

Pull request:

Use newer version of Ivy in example

Contributed-by: Gintautas Grigelionis

Pull request:

Fix link in release notes.

Contributed-by: Gintautas Grigelionis

Pull request:

Upgrade to latest versions of bouncycastle and httpclient

Contributed-by: Gintautas Grigelionis

Pull request:

Remove the workaround introduced in commit 5918182e0d6836d89c42260da9de4428d4cbcec0, now that we require minimum Java 8 runtime

Minimum Java version is now 1.8

next version is 2.6.0

BREAKING: Removed old fr\jayasoft\ivy\ant\antlib.xml AntLib definition file (jira:IVY-1612)

next dev version

Update status to "release" for 2.5.0

prep 2.5.0 release

release ivy.xsd for 2.5.0

2.5.0 release prep

IVY-1586 IVY-1610 Make sure that empty value of "classifier" in pom.xml is considered the same as classifier not being specified

bump year

add license for file copied from ganymed ssh library

IVY-1586 Set the correct "conf" on the "artifact" of the dependency when parsing a pom.xml

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Upgrade to 0.1.55 of jsch

Upgrade to 4.5.9 of http client

Upgrade to 1.62 of bouncycastle

Upgrade to 1.9.14 of Ant

IVY-1580 Resolve any implicit artifacts when one among multiple dependencies of the same module has an explicit artifact/includes declaration

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Use the correct XML namespace URI in the Ivy module descriptor generated out of a pom.xml

Include the content length header value and the downloaded file size, in the exception that gets thrown if they don't match

Fix checksums of .pom files used in tests