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Easier to read buildfile

Clarified wording

Merge branch '1.9.x'

looks as if -storepass might be required on Java7 even without -strict

signing with a PKCS12 keystore seems to fail on Java6 as well

Remove odd/unwanted usage of @Test annotation

actually try to compile the tests

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add a POM for ant-junitlauncher

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exclude junitlauncher package from core build


and Java5 doesn't seem to support PKCS12 when signing

Merge branch '1.9.x'

JDK9 jarsigner rejects self-signed certs when signing

Merge branch '1.9.x'

starting with Java9 jarsigner rejects self-signed certs for PKCS12 keystores

jarsigner -strict has been introduced with Java7

Merge branch '1.9.x'

I'm afraid git ate my keystore

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Merge branch '1.9.x'

verifyjar must use -storepass or jarsigner will not work

add the alias in verifyjar if specified

add a PKCS12 test keystore

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Adjust markup and formatting

“in runtime”, “at run time”

Aid reading of tables

Add junitlauncher task's dependencies in the Library Dependencies manual

Add dependency description

Update the manual

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Fix javadoc error

Update links to Ant manual