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updated reference to license from http to https using find . -type f -exec sed -i "s/http:\/\/www.apache.org\/licenses\/LICENSE-2.0/https:\/\/www.apache.org\/licenses\/LICENSE-2.0/" {} \;

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Fix doctype and language

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Bz 16494: accessibility — th must have scope

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Bz 21192: description should precede code examples

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Added target attribute for external links (the web is no longer frame-friendly…)

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more lowercasing and other style adjustments

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use lowercase for simplicity

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Small edits in the manual

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Use HTML 5(-ish), fix links

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Chop off redundant blockquotes

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Remove width constraints, unbreakable spaces and <code><pre>

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Fix broken link in junitreport manual

Fix broken link in junitreport manual

[bugfix] Allow Saxon to be used for junitreport XSL transformation

This closes #57 pull request at github/apache/ant repo

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More highlighting of new features; also, loose is mostly used as an adjective

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Corrected spelling of Kaffe

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Second reading: h5 and h6 must be styled; uniform style of notes and new feature markers

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Reviewed documentation: - stripped trailing whitespace; - corrected the tag soup; - corrected Java versions (1.4 followed by 5); - stripped inline styling (use CSS for uniformity).

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Revised installation manual, cross-referenced optional tasks/types

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Revised installation manual, cross-referenced optional tasks/types

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fix version number

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junitreport: Expose classpath and factory of internal XSLTProcess task.

This patch creates the nested XSLTProcess at creation of the

AggregateTransformer, not upon execution of the transformation. This way it

is much easier to simply wrap parts of the interface I'd like to expose,

like the new <classpath> and <factory> nested elements, but also the

existing <param> elements.

I haven't called XSLTProcess.init(), as the previous code didn't do that

either. I don't fully understand the difference between init() and a

constructor, but it might be a good thing to init the task somewhere.

The approach I chose is something like a whitelist delegation: the

XSLTProcess is a private member, and only selected methods of its interface

are wrapped and thus exposed to be configured. As an alternative, one could

do something like a blacklist delegation by deriving a class from

XSLTProcess and forbidding access to certain settings by ovverriding the

corresponding methods and throwing exceptions therein. In that case, one

might even turn the class derived from XSLTProcess into a nested <xslt>

element, which would be probably much clearer, as it would be configured in

the same way that a top-level <xslt> task is. I didn't choose this approach

in my patch for now.

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The site is now at https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/ant/site/ant/sources Only the manual will be in the distribution

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