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Obliterating "core" vs. "optional" distinction for tasks and types in manual and associated doc files.

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weaken regexp enough to pick up all Copyright lines

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Add license header

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fix typo. submitted by Gisbert Amm.

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Removing some gratuitous XHTML-isms. They still break JavaHelp, alas, and the manual is anyway not even strictly formatted plain HTML, much less XHTML.

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2005 + stray blockquote

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some fixes to align examples

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add reference to stylesheet for CoreTasks

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Copyright Owner is The Apache Software Foundation

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Copyright owner The Apache Software Foundation

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introduce a stylesheet for the antmanual add an image beta.png (credits Magesh Umasankar)

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Fix HTML title to be more useful for indexing. PR: 5020 Reported By: jesse.glick@netbeans.com (Jesse Glick)

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License police on documentation files:

(1) Make sure there is a Copyright notice on all visible files.

(2) Make sure all years in which the file has been modified are


(3) Make sure the format is consistent, i.e. separate consecutive

years with a dash, not a comma.

When Stephane changed starteam.html it has been 2001 in France but

2002 in Australia - does that mean we add 2002 to the Copyright line

or not? ;-)

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Make <waitfor> set a property instead of throwing an exception if the maximum time to wait has been exceeded.

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Valid values for waitforunit and checkeveryunit provided.

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More setFoo(String) to setFoo(Bar) conversions. Didn't worry too much about WaitFor's backward compatibility issues as it is hardly a week old. WaitFor has ben modified this way so that it is consistent with Tstamp and takes in enumerated attributes for unit instead of allowing arbitrary letters/ words suffixed to the time.

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New task <waitfor> that waits until a given condition gets true or a timeout occurs.

Submitted by: Denis Hennessy <denis@network365.com>

As a side effect, <condition> gains two new conditions. This also

means we now have a way to check whether we are on a networked system

and run/omit testcases that require network to be established based on

such a condition.

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