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bz-63438 Undo part of commit 6656db28bb79912ec1c744f34affbda53f86e6fd, to fix broken javadocs target

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Merge tag 'rel/1.10.7'

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Prepare for RC1 of 1.10.7 Ant release

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Add ability to optionally skip the build target (which does the compilation)

Separate out the compilation for classes that need JDK9+, from the regular compilation and set the --release to 8 for the regular compilation target

Mail discussion reference

updated reference to license from http to https using find . -type f -exec sed -i "s/http:\/\/\/licenses\/LICENSE-2.0/https:\/\/\/licenses\/LICENSE-2.0/" {} \;

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Merge tag 'rel/1.10.6'

Tag version 1.10.6 of Ant

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Prepare RC2 of 1.10.6 Ant release

Signed-off-by: Jaikiran Pai <>

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Don't use -html4 for javadoc output for Ant classes

javadoc on Ant classes now conform to the default output format of javadoc tool

(which is HTML5 in recent versions of that tool), so we no longer have to

override the output format to -html4.

Use -html4 for javadoc generation

javadoc in our classes don't yet comply to html5 semantics. When

generating javadocs for our project, using JDK 11, we run into

build failures since JDK 11 javadoc tool defaults to html5 output

and is strict if the classes don't comply to the semantics.

The commit here explicitly sets the output to html4 to avoid such

failures, till we fix our javadoc to comply with html5

java.activation module has been removed from Java 11

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Make it easier, during release, to verify that JDK9+ is being used

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Merge 1.9.x branch into master

SHA1 checksum is no longer recommended by Apache release process

The Apache release process no longer recommends using SHA1 checksums

for artifacts

The commit here removes generation of SHA1 for Ant distribution artifacts.

Furthermore, the checksum generation for artifacts that we upload to

Maven is also now removed, since the Nexus instance generates those dynamically

when the artifacts are uploaded to Nexus as stated at :

"You don't need artifacts for your checksum files (if you create any) since Nexus

will create MD5 and SHA1 checksums on the fly anyway."

Merge tag 'rel/1.9.14' into 1.9.x branch

Tagging version 1.9.14 of Ant

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Release RC1 of 1.9.14

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Added tasks for JDK's jmod and jlink tools.

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there are no tests in MagicTestNames, thanks Gintas

ensure MagicTestNames is part of testutil jar

More hardcoded assumptions about file tree structure

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[junitlauncher] Add a check in the build to ensure that the junitlauncher classes in "confined" package do not depend on classes they aren't meant to

fix the needs.junit.engine.jupiter and needs.junit.engine.vintage selectors in the build file, to narrow down their selection to only the JUnitLauncherTaskTest

Fix test compilation (org.example.junitlauncher.Tracker requires junitlauncher optional dep)

move the junitlauncher jupiter sample test to the org/example directory, just like the vintage engine ones

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Merge 1.9.x branch into master

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bz-62621 conditionally enable EmailTaskTest

Exclude TestHelper from being considered as a test

ImageIO task (a replacement for Image task)

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Merge tag 'rel/1.10.5' and prepare next iteration

Tagging version 1.10.5 of Ant

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prepare RC1 of Ant 1.10.5

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