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Upgrade Jsch library to 0.1.55

Update JSCh (see

This closes #84 pull request at github/apache/ant repo

Fix doctype and language

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Add HTML validation check, fix head in package.html

Merge pull request #82 from twogee/invalid-html

Use valid markup

Use valid markup

moved to gitbox

missing javadoc param - thanks Gintas Grigelionis @twogee

exclude modules package from mvn when not using Java9

Many thanks to Gintas (@twogee) for catching this

point to Craig's PR

directly log link's output to Ant's log

whitespace - closes #80

Update the manual of junitlauncher task as well as add a note in WHATSNEW about the changed class names of that task

Based on feedback, added self to contributors, added line to WHATSNEW, added Ant version to docs, and replaced GPL man pages with BSD-licensed man pages.

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Fixing a potential ConcurrentModificationException that could occur when running Ant with the Parallel-Ant executor.

This closes #81 pull request at github/apache/ant

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[junitlauncher] - Switch back to issuing a separate LauncherDiscoveryRequest for each of the test class that are selected by the <testclasses> usage

In 1.10.5 version (the latest released) of Ant, we used to launch

multiple LauncherDiscoveryRequest (a JUnit 5 construct), one each

for a test class, that belonged to the <testclasses> usage. Commit

3f806148c3f3542b8526d5f91f10d6189bf0607d changed it to launch one

single LauncherDiscoveryRequest (and including all those test

classes in that request) because it seemed more logical to do so.

However, recent tests/experimentation of the master branch has

shown that it introduces complexities when the "legacy-xml"

listener (the one which supports generating test results in xml

format that junitreport understands) is used. These complexities

include - expecting each test class to have a separate report file,

but isn't limited to that. Solving these issues isn't easy and

probably not worth it, given that the only reason we started using

a single LauncherDiscoveryRequest is because it just seemed logical

and there is no other strong reason to do so. This commit switches

back to the behaviour that's been there in 1.10.5 version, to issue

multiple separate LauncherDiscoveryRequest(s) one each for the

test class that's selected through the use of <testclasses>.

Added tasks for JDK's jmod and jlink tools.

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bz-62952 Fix the jar-test.xml#testMultiReleaseJar antunit test case

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bz-62952 Make AntClassLoader multi-release jar aware when it deals with java.util.jar.JarFile

A typo

Fix javadoc

Make DataType and Reference generic

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Remove unused imports

Refactor getZipEntryStream

Avoid leaks in AntAnalyzer

Revert: any RuntimeException must be wrapped

Fix javadoc

Fix backwards compatibility

Use try-with-resources

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Update javadoc