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Fix test-compatibility script to handle space character in file paths

Introduce a script which can be used in a CI job to make it easier to test Java version compatibility of Ant

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Skip ImageTest if JPEG codec from com/sun/image/codec isn't available in the Java runtime.

OpenJDK even in Java 8 (update 222) doesn't include these codecs. Oracle JDK has it in

Java 8, but not in subsequent Java releases.

Add ability to optionally skip the build target (which does the compilation)

Fix bootstrap.bat on Windows

Removing quotes that break builds on 1.8

Fixed regression on javac version selection in case build.compiler property is set.

Set the --release version to Java 8, when bootstraping with higher versions of Java

typo, thanks to @twogee

bz-63680 Fix the LegacyXmlResultFormatter to recursively look for a parent testclass name, until it finds one

bz-63680 Prevent StringIndexOutOfBoundsException while trying to infer the package name of a test class

maybe build deletes the downloaded archive?

JavaMail -> Jakarta Mail - Bugzilla Issue 63683

fix file name

go back to Spnar Scanner 2.5.0

the new sonarqube scanner seems to rquire binaries

upgrade sonarqube-ant-tasks

try to move from ASF's Sonarqube to

use Files API rather than FileWriter


FTP checkstyle fixed + removed spurious part from ftp.html

Add Ftp ant task timeout documentation also updated

Add Ftp ant task wakeUpTransferInterval documentation also updated

Bugzilla 63252 FTP prevent No Transfer Timeout during long listings by Eugene Adell

Add Ftp ant task timeout documentation also updated

Bug 47414 - [PATCH] Add Ftp ant task timeout by Eugene Adell

Merge branch '1.9.x'

snap publishing for the 1.9.x branch

Merge pull request #99 from bodewig/snap

add snap publishing for Ant