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Turn off ustat row count estimation by default

The initial execution of Update Statistics after loading a

table sometimes gets inaccurate HBase row count estimates.

Until the cause of this variance is determined and fixed,

the cqd controlling use of estimation has been set to OFF

by default.

Change-Id: I698f5ac8407495f890a242c82a1946a5506ceebf

Partial-Bug: #1402031



schema to be created was not a regular identifier. Now

names are delimited.

Also fixed a REVOKE ROLE problem where an unitilized variable

could lead to a core.

Updated HIVE tests to include CREATE SCHEMA commands.

Change-Id: I90572addc8c00d77fb9a736e165cd3e8d8b420f2

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Removing testing code.

Removing testing code.

Change-Id: I7ed049521ebb1a5046851ed7aed57d14df15454f

Merge "More fixes to make SQL thread safe"

Fix for bug 1395212

T2 driver is resuing an existing statement that is closed but not

dropped to execute a new query. SQL does not allow reusing the

statement without dropping it. Fixed to ignore the statementId passed


Change-Id: I318b150ca9a5d87a244177c54c61352724e3767e

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Merge "Fix to ReceiveSock/SendSock to retry IO on EINTR"

Add max I/O time to Hbase runtime stats

Collect and display the maximum Hbase operator I/O time. In a parallel

plan, this is chosen from the biggest Hbase I/O elapsed time among all

the same Hbase tcb instances at the runtime stats merge stage. For

serial plan the value equals to the Hbase I/O elapsed time.

In addition, the displayed Hbase I/O is changed from byte to MB.

Change-Id: Icb4cbcbee5eeaf7143762444d48288f7bf6f5784

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Merge "Revert "Fix read conf from hbase-site""

Merge "Log reading TMUDF, phase 3"

Merge "fix 1361754: missing sort for fastTrafInsert"

Merge "fix LP1383581:serial plan generated for salt table"

Merge "Remove duplicate table names from commit records"

Revert "Fix read conf from hbase-site"

This reverts commit 62446d334e92961ced14116978b8a76fa2d985b0.

Change-Id: I6dfdd07f7752f429fd4a9ceb29ef379cd4009913

Merge "Fixes repeated node down/up on same node."

SQL syntax to cancel executing query, phase 3

This change fixes some problems with subset DELETE and

UPDATE statements which prevented them from responding

to CANCEL. It addresses an identical potential issue in

SELECT statements with predicates that reject large

numbers of rows.

The change also allows an envvar, SQL_NO_REGISTER_CANCEL,

which if set to 1, prevents queries from registering with

the cancel broker. It can be used to debug performance


The change also adds test cases to the regression test


Change-Id: I86977c3985db4f56f2d4a0e89051970cec2c9411

Implements: blueprint sql-query-cancel

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Merge "ANSI Schema changes"

Fix to ReceiveSock/SendSock to retry IO on EINTR

Change-Id: Ib6e48ad3f3f88d2e90f519b62320dfbf014b33d5

Merge "Automated collection of necessary statistics"

Remove duplicate table names from commit records

Change-Id: I3ff5f2d7ded04db137ab8d1c9304979b0ccc5c48

Log reading TMUDF, phase 3

blueprint cmp-tmudf-compile-time-interface

- Addressed review comments from phase 2. See

- Added a "parse_status" column to the TMUDF, see

updated syntax below

- Added versioning info to new DLL

- EVENT_LOG_READER TMUDF now should choose the correct

degree of parallelism without the need for CQDs

- Brought back the REPLICATE PARTITION keyword, which

is used in the TMUDF syntax. This should fix the failure

in regression test udf/TEST108.

- Some remaining issues:

- Newlines in the error message are not handled well,

at best the additional lines are lost, at worst

they will cause parse errors

- log_file_node output column is always 0

- Code is not yet integrated with changes to event


- Not yet tested on clusters

Updated syntax for the log reader TMUDF:

SQL Syntax to invoke this function:

select * from udf(event_log_reader( [options] ));

The optional [options] argument is a character constant. The

following options are supported:

f: add file name output columns (see below)

t: turn on tracing

d: loop in the runtime code, to be able to attach a debugger

(debug build only)

p: force parallel execution on workstation environment with

virtual nodes (debug build only)

Returned columns:

log_ts timestamp(6),

severity char(10 bytes) character set utf8,

component char(24 bytes) character set utf8,

node_number integer,

cpu integer,

pin integer,

process_name char(12 bytes) character set utf8,

sql_code integer,

query_id varchar(200 bytes) character set utf8,

message varchar(4000 bytes) character set utf8

if option "f" was specified, we have four more columns:

log_file_node integer not null,

log_file_name varchar(200 bytes) character set utf8 not null,

log_file_line integer not null,

parse_status char(2 bytes) character set utf8 not null

(log_file_node, log_file_name, log_file_line) form a unique key

in the result table. parse_status indicates whether there were

any errors reading the information:

' ' (two blanks): no errors

'E' (as first or second character): parse error

'T' (as first or second character): truncation or over/underflow


'C' (as first or second character): character conversion error

Change-Id: Iee3fc8383d4125f0f9b6c6035aa90bb82ceee92e

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fix 1361754: missing sort for fastTrafInsert

Change-Id: Ib7d768cba5b89ad44f5423cd9dd499fd537eaf66

Set the property in dcs config to disable stats collection in mxosrvr

Change-Id: I59e8b159e8ff347ed5f997d78ae99a4113ecc5ce

Adding check for HDP 2.2/CDH 5.2 and Java Version

Adding Java Version check from into the installer.

Adding check to error out of user tries to install Trafodion

with Hortonworks 2.2 or Cloudera 5.2 installer on their system.

Edit 1: Add check that HBase is installed on all nodes. Also, print

large error if trafodion_setup fails.

Edit 2: Changed Java version needed from 1.7.0_67 to 1.7.0_65.

Change-Id: If4e1659c7e95759ba5fc6019584fc2322243892a

Merge "Fix read conf from hbase-site"

Fixes repeated node down/up on same node.

Change-Id: I5d65364ebece1e901f6a05f95ee5fbfdf5829185

Merge "Fix install_local_hadoop to find maven, run phoenix T2"

Merge "Fix Bug #1380734 Batch upsert into salted table"

More fixes to make SQL thread safe

Fix for bug 1403334 – T2 multithread tests core dump in SQLCLI_DropContext

NAMemory was not threadsafe in derived memory management. The calls

registerMemory, unRegisterMemory was not threadSafe when the heap is marked

as threadsafe heap. Also, the mutex is now dropped as part of NAHeap


Fix for bug 1403410 - With 128 threads thru T2 driver, MTTrans and YCSB tests

crash and generate this core

The context list was being manipulated without acquiring a mutex in some places

These obsolete codes are now removed.

Some of the globals were wrongly declared as thread globals.

Other Fixes

SQL_EXEC_GetDiagnosticsCondInfo2 CLI call is now protected by mutexes

like any other CLI call.

Also removed some of the obsolete codes in the cli layer.

Currently commented out the code to close all the open cursors in all

the contexts when a change in transaction id is detected. We need to detect

the change in transaction at context level and close cursors belonging to

that context only.

Change-Id: I0edb7b7f0a844c8c49995af4c130dd319472a783

Merge "SQL syntax to cancel executing query, phase 2"

Fix read conf from hbase-site

Change-Id: I572494b8b8adce162cd3929fc42a0e656fbcfa0c