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Reduced number of rows used in batch tests.

Reduced from to 6000 from 60000 to avoid tests timing out.

Also changed TOTALUPDATECOUNT to not be hardcoded.

Change-Id: I61741b9127b9041124995addade8b6df41d34150

Fix for bug 1408187 missing commas in SQL event log files

The QRLogger::log method did not provide values for SQLCode and Query ID

that the event log reader TMUDF expects. In some cases, the calls to

QRLogger::log provided these values in the text, or they provided

two commas to indicate NULL values, but there are hundreds of other

calls to QRLogger::log not doing either of these. Added a second

QRLogger::log method and handled SQLCode and QueryID logging inside

those methods, so only a few calls had to be changed.

Change-Id: I9d147398df3056ed5c8b04be20ceebd3f42fe006

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Merge "Fix for LP bug 1404951"

Merge "Resubmitting split delay work, additional checks"

Fix for LP bug 1404951

This is an intermittent problem that appears on the build machine,

caused by Change-Id I5b570c42712d4c38157181c3b76bf9a3ab6e2ed9. In this

delivery we are increasing the number of rows fetched by hbase scan call

to two rows, up from the previous value of one row. This is only for the

scan call used to determine mdam probe keys.

Change-Id: I12f20084bf53c188000db24ed8a698b3fdc7f41b

Resubmitting split delay work, additional checks

Split delay portion of LP bug 1378544.

Added a check/put mechanism for putting objects into

shared map. Depends on which coprocessor is started

first according to what was entered in the HBase

configuration under 'hbase.coprocessor.region.classes'

Change-Id: I7deeb91b7c608b7d4ae902590e6aa753e01530b9

Cleaning of the TrxTransactionState structures moved to chore thread

Change-Id: Ib46ae1171bd5632c477d3a8be78b2c8d7c94fbc1

Fix LP1408148 and LP1408485

Change-Id: I1577f0e8b3d016b45599add5007672d227cd969e

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Merge "Fix TEST042 failure."

Seamonster preliminary changes.

Change-Id: I57e110e51ebc46cd83ed330bf40be9a2ee005644

Merge "Combine multiple events to avoid thread confusion"

Merge "Fix LP bug 1389347 - mxosrvr occasionally dropping core."

Combine multiple events to avoid thread confusion

Change-Id: I9eac0c37b6ea01061344b9430e624297862d7c1d

FQDN bug fixes, HBase installed fix, Version check

Changed check for special characters.

Added new check to see if hostname configuration is correct.

Added new check to see if hostname configuration matches user entered

node names.

Fixed HBase installed on every node check.

Fixed check for Cloudera version 5.2 (and added check for 5.3) and

Hortonworks 2.2 If these versions are determined then script will error


Edit: Including fix for ssh bug (-n)

Edit 2: Typo fix

Edit 3: Added IP address check.

Edit 4: Typo fix and ssh -n

Change-Id: Iad69a569023f92f53ea5e586a38b1a96be0f28dc

Fix LP bug 1389347 - mxosrvr occasionally dropping core.

QA found that the mxosrvr process occasionally drops core ...

usually when they ran the Phoenix tests, but sometimes when

they ran other QA tests.

The problem was that mxosrvr was not being linked with libjsig.

Consequently, JAVA's signal handling for SIGSEGV (and maybe others)

was conflicting with LLVM's signal handling for the same signals.

The fix is to link libjsig into mxosrvr very early on in the

linking process ... just as we did for the SQL Compiler.

File modified: conn/odbc/src/odbc/nsksrvr/Makefile

Fix was pre-reviewed by Arvind.

Change-Id: I64df21db5d3f8292b0634480dfc31a257efd2856

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Fix TEST042 failure.

Ignore USTATS context, for virtual table 'all' option.

Change-Id: I6a3b3b0cf7e0ec2f102c3a9a95f24e92606285e5

Determine external network for DCS in a multi-network cluster.

Some systems have multiple networks (an internal maintence

network and an external network). Sometimes DCS would choose

the internal network making it impossible for a client to connect

to Trafodion. The installer will now detect the external network and

write it into the DCS config file so DCS will always use the

external network.

Change-Id: I9df0df2a4c8c39e2532cad957fb3e8de786973a5

Merge "Perf improvement during metadata read."

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Merge "Refactored removeUnNeededCommitedTransactions"

Merge "Manageability changes in DCS"

Merge "Bug fix LP1384939, LP1403645, and some LOG cleanup"

Merge "Fixed typos in user-visible messages and sample code"

Merge "Pass object type to NATableDB:removeNATable"

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Refactored removeUnNeededCommitedTransactions

Change-Id: I9e7a839543b5385348439d0ce9b6042df253989b

Reworked Transaction handling in SQL

Fixed to inherit the transaction from the received message in ESPs, MXUDR or

any other process when it is passed from master processes.

Reworked switching transaction when the context is switched to handle more than

one connection in a thread. This fixed the following bugs

Bug 1356193 SPJ with resultsets not working thru JDBC T2 driver

Bug 1355038 SPJ with result set failed with ERROR[8841]

ESPs will particpate in a transaction with this change

Change-Id: If91f70060f718818eec25aef206f318262cf47aa

Bug fix LP1384939, LP1403645, and some LOG cleanup

Change-Id: Ia96ad2ade4d5a6372620f73098d8489a4e6e548a

Perf improvement during metadata read.

Metadata information about metadata tables is read in 2 parts.

First part is hardcoded definitions since metadata structs are constant

and do not change. Second part is read from metadata tables(object uid)

as this varies depending on when metadata is initialized.

This checkin reads object uid only once and then stores it in

global metadata struct.

Change-Id: I094bd0c4bba67871bbca9cfdd8b75576841ba630

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Explicit create schema stmts executed in tests

Change-Id: I25b07f4689516dd1c271ad8803981e155c9bc06e

Merge "Additional transactional performance improvements"

Merge "Closes-Bug: 1404357"