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TRAFODION-3121 Enhance 'initialize trafodion' to return progress status

-- init traf will now return status during various steps.

'Started' indication will be returned when that step starts.

'Completed' will be returned when it completes successfully.

'Failed' will be returned if that step fails.

Elapsed time for each step will be shown in {ET hh:mm:ss} format.

-- method CmpSeabaseDDL::initSeabaseMD is rewritten and moved from

file CmpSeabaseDDLcommon.cpp to new file CmpSeabaseDDLinitraf.cpp.

-- priv mgr tables are now always created during init traf.

-- a 'no return status' option has been added if status is not to be

returned during init traf. This is used when init traf is called

internally, for ex, during upgrade.

It is not an externalized option.

-- Output of init traf is shown below.

Note: output is not a printf/cout to stdout.

It is returned as selected rows to the caller.

Apache Trafodion Conversational Interface 2.3.0

Copyright (c) 2015-2017 Apache Software Foundation

>>initialize trafodion;

Initialize Trafodion: Started

Verify User: Started

Verify User: Completed {ET: 00:00:00}

Version Check: Started

Version Check: Completed {ET: 00:00:00}

Create Metadata Tables: Started

Create Metadata Tables: Completed {ET: 00:00:49}

Update Metadata Tables: Started

Update Metadata Tables: Completed {ET: 00:00:06}

Create Schema Objects: Started

Create Schema Objects: Completed {ET: 00:00:20}

Create Metadata Views: Started

Create Metadata Views: Completed {ET: 00:00:05}

Create Repository Tables: Started

Create Repository Tables: Completed {ET: 00:00:16}

Create PrivMgr Tables: Started

Create PrivMgr Tables: Completed {ET: 00:00:29}

Create Library Manager: Started

Create Library Manager: Completed {ET: 00:00:51}

Initialize Trafodion: Completed {ET: 00:03:09}

--- SQL operation complete.

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Merge branch 'master' of into trafodion-2963

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[TRAFODION-3110] Refactor LOB access to use the new implementation of HdfsClient

The CQD USE_LIBHDFS is now made effective for updateLOB and extract LOB utility


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fix yacc conflicts

Incorporate Comments 1

[TRAFODION-3110] Refactor LOB access to use the new implementation of HdfsClien

Ensured that hdfs scan with CQD USE_LIBHDFS set to 'ON'

merge [TRAFODION-3026] add create option storage policy

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Fix a typo

[TRAFODION-3119] Add *Syntax Descriptions* for *LOAD Statement* and Fix Typos in *Trafodion SQL Reference Manual*

trafodion-3118 Improve on parts of EXTRACT

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fix sql regressions

[TRAFODION-3101] enhance get command to show rows get

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PR-1616 TRAFODION-3115 Support nanosec precision for Timestamp/Interval datatypes

Merge branch 'master' of into trafodion_2917_1

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[TRAFODION-3110] Refactor LOB access to use the new implementation of HdfsClient

Ensured that the CQD USE_LIBHDFS 'ON' works as expected via the

older implementation

[TRAFODION-3110] Refactor LOB access to use the new implementation of HdfsClient

Used a single CQD USE_LIBHDFS to switch to older implementation of

using libhdfs for both hdfs scan and LOB access. The CQD USE_LIBHDS_SCAN is


In addition fixed the following:

1. Fixed a memory leak of LOB Heap structures

2. Possible fix for memory corruption at times

3. Avoid unnecessary creation of LOB threads when not needed

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[TRAFODION-3109] undo this change, beacause this issue has been fixed on Trafoidon.

Merge [TRAFODION-2901] Self-reference Holloween problem fix PR-1581

PR-1617 Jenkins hive/test008 regr fix.

fix for hive/test008 jenkins regr failure

Merge branch 'master' into GetStatement2

update to test executor/test022

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TRAFODION-3115 Support nanosec precision for Timestamp/Interval datatypes

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Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into ansharma_tsnano_br

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PR-1615 [TRAFODION-3086] Further enhancements to 'DDL on Hive objects'

[TRAFODION-2901] add explanation

Merge PR 1605 [TRAFODION-3104]

Merge [TRAFODION-3103] PR1601 GRANT Statement

TRAFODION-3086 additional fixes

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