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Merge "New ustat algorithm and bulk load integration"

changed default schema to TRAFODION.SEABASE

Change-Id: I2d079ed749c0a8110629d23710479f1f7892f9bf

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Fix for thread/memory leak on table create/drop

Objects that were put into our shared map between

coprocessors were not being removed. This change

adds a remove of the objects on a postClose() of

the region. A local thread was not being stopped

which lead to the TrxRegionEndpoint,TrxRegionObserver

and the thread itself not being GC'd as there was

still a reference.

Change-Id: Idaf3788d4a0b2065b93ec8746e3ea814615180b0

Merge "Transactions for DDL, Abort and Commit processing."

Merge "fix LP1420826 NJ off fails meta query compilation"

Merge "Phase5-DDLTransactions, SQL and TM changes"

Merge "Local Hadoop JDBC test script and test_env short-circuit"

Merge "Code review changes."

Merge "Squashed commit of the following:"

Initial changes for SSCC stateless put

Change-Id: I899c537548b09eb2d860063cd47a837769c00962

Merge "Getting a scanner from the correct table"

hive/test018 fixes

Disabling select from hive table emporarily to avoid the hang issue

(there is an LP 1436333 for the hang issue) and let the test finish.

Change-Id: Idfe5b1a980a169b4b7da8db18717ada0a23eb105

Merge "PHASE3&4- Transactional DDL - TM, RM, TMlib and JNI changes for create"

Merge "Avoid calling ResStatisticsStatement::start if stats is disabled."

fix LP1420826 NJ off fails meta query compilation

Change-Id: Ic443f6c9a4d25a84241fc66acd7ff54e00ab1b46

Local Hadoop JDBC test script and test_env short-circuit

For developers using local_hadoop environment, a new "swjdbc" script

is provided to run DCS jdbc tests, which is also a check/gate test.

The install_hadoop_regr_test_env also now checks if the hive tables

already exist. Since the tables are not modified by test runs, it

only needs to be run once per test system. This allows the jenkins

automation to call the script for every hive test run, but save several

minutes if it has previously been run.

Putting the short-circuit logic here allows it to change if additional

tables or data are added in future, without changing test automation.

Just in case, a force option is added to skip the check.

Change-Id: I96fd14957a1cf32dcd9c73127ccbb02472d51d4c

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Code review changes.

Change-Id: Ifc480f0e64a00bb96cb4ce657e5e391d56c793f0

Getting a scanner from the correct table

Change-Id: Ied686e195dc4901582daa045e3097ec80e52d96f

Phase5-DDLTransactions, SQL and TM changes

Changes in TM and JNI to pass transid and table name

Changes in SQL to accept create ddl request within a transaction

Change-Id: Id35c42c71822d7731c85bb3339d4014ac1cb0572

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Merge "hive/test015 fixes:"

Avoid calling ResStatisticsStatement::start if stats is disabled.

If repository statistics is disabled then start() and related should

not be called. Improvement in YCSB's OPS and AvgResp_ms were noticed

with this change.

Change-Id: Id4d9950a96b4f3a743db9af96c648bc9c044d57d

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Add copyright Change-Id: Ib6d6aa7d3f963c3cbb6ad59ba38fd47826ae5b0f

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Merge "Address LP 1404951 - seabase/TEST010 failing"

Merge "Support cancel for DDL, update stats, and utils"

Merge "Fix for bug #1432703"

hive/test015 fixes:

-Disabling upsert using load temporarily to avoid the hang issue.

(there is an LP 1417337 for the hang issue)

-Reducing the amount of data to make the test run faster.

Change-Id: I403942f8014e22f9c391a45773afd8a03ccabbc1

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Add missing ignore directives for recently added build output

Partial-Bug: 1434199

Change-Id: I7ba38cdec73276f0ad67f4c3d17d8e28cccdcecf

Squashed commit of the following:

DTM Persistent Process preliminary (disabled)

commit 52dc8676da21b7b33c24370b182f24bcbf8a804e

Merge: d691b6f 0fd7cab

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Mon Mar 23 14:08:03 2015 -0700

Merge remote branch 'gerrit/master' into traf/persist-dtm

commit d691b6fb5ba72d26c71bdff076c57fc965fe2fcb

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Mon Mar 23 14:02:23 2015 -0700

Pre-merge changes.

commit 51148aa3372c380d740b5cf4610a46a8a465e69b

Merge: 1e8924e d1c1419

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Mon Mar 23 12:55:50 2015 -0700

Merge branch 'master' into traf/opensrc

commit d1c1419daf36228a8ebbaca41e206d016914de57

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Mon Mar 23 11:38:30 2015 -0700

Disabled DTM persistence - preparing to check-in.

commit 35be8c3887779f02cf7b36322447ce02d6ba865c

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Mon Mar 23 08:32:37 2015 -0700

Updated copyright on changed files.

commit a5b2c821739216d68e1e4d192cb3c90576383196

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Sun Mar 22 12:35:23 2015 -0700

Fixes on shutdown when DTM is persistent process.

commit 29d7435be161bdb933207a04e434027d3bac96a4

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Fri Mar 20 18:55:47 2015 -0700

Fix TmReady logic when not persistent DTM.

commit b1313c56766b27bcfd3c3e947be175d014f8dbf5

Merge: 10376b7 ddab807

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Fri Mar 20 11:48:17 2015 -0700

Merge branch 'master' of /archive/gcorrea/traf-persist-dtm

commit 10376b78b1702f8b12aceebd27843070974d789e

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Fri Mar 20 11:47:10 2015 -0700


commit ddab8076d2e87ba0790dfa28c28aad38241a8ddd

Author: ron cassou <>

Date: Fri Mar 20 18:35:44 2015 +0000

TM changes to support persistent TMs

commit c3d545c2e40863d9c72ac0806f125658e5d6cc67

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Thu Mar 19 18:59:36 2015 -0700

Monitor DTM persistent process changes.

commit 4294f57ee73f8abe5b3cb6da55ad35d4b388b3df

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Thu Mar 19 18:58:04 2015 -0700

Monitor DTM persisten process changes.

commit 9dd0bf30bf340ed9a8a22799872073055e12a613

Author: ron cassou <>

Date: Tue Mar 10 23:23:50 2015 +0000

Don't bring the node down on dtm death

commit 7923f8f367b45f62bdb771653ae2822bea2fe88e

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Tue Mar 3 09:12:22 2015 -0800

Temporary share report delete.

Change-Id: I5c8416e6f2ed925182e59be7f2ad3caa70e6f554

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Merge "Remove begin transaction check for retired transId"

Merge "changes to improve plan quality of OSS queries."