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Move new DCS files to dcs tree

Merge remote branch 'dcs/master'

Merge remote branch 'install/master'

Merge remote branch 'phoenix_test/master'

Merge remote branch 'win-odbc64/master'

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Migrate from log4cpp to log4cxx

This change is a wholesale removal of log4cpp from source tree.

log4cxx is an external library installed via RPM, or user build

to default /usr/lib64 and /usr/include directories. Some of the

QRLogger and CommonLogger code was changed to use the new log4cxx


Change-Id: I248bac0a8ffbfea6cbc1ba847867b30638892eae

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Merge "Fix for intermittent failure in core/TESTRTS"

Merge "clean up old version for SSCC data before compaction"

Merge "Fix SSCC delete issue"

Merge "Fixes for 1450193, 1370754, and performance change"

Fix SSCC delete issue

Change-Id: I78e76744a00616c8b8f77678d180a2e3a60da103

Fix for intermittent failure in core/TESTRTS

FILTERRTS can now tolerate the variance in the statistics for


Change-Id: Iccd2f15bbc320fbfc8f4b2fbbf6e7642efb3ac5d

nfs script.

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Update readme.

Allow mapping nodes.

Merge "Removed obsolete symlinks"

Code change for ESP colocation strategy described in LP 1464306

Change-Id: I838bc57541bf753e3bad90ae7776e870958c930a

Fixes for 1450193, 1370754, and performance change

1450193 - GRANT syntax for SHOWDDL output incorrect

1370754 - Objects with delimited names not displayed correctly for SHOWDDL

Made sure names in GRANT statements were qualified correctly and added the

object type, when required. Also changed SHOWDDL commands so they don't

start a tdm_arkcmp to get data details with the except of showddl user and

showddl role.

Performance: changed the default in PrivMgr requests to assume that

authorization is enabled. The PrivMgr code that checks to see if authorization

is enabled causes a new tdm_arkcmp to be started. Since all callers already

check authorization from a cached value before calling PrivMgr, this avoids the

tdm_arkcmp process overhead.

Patch set 2:

Updated copyright

Patch set 3:

Fixed problem in isDelimited method.

Patch set 4:

Fixed another problem in isDelimited method.

Change-Id: I43ff421ddd8e9c508c8fed79a1e2b2c6448456b7

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Merge "Support big column larger than 32k for JBDC T2"

Merge "LP 1463179 - VSBB update causes TM heap leak"

Merge "Copyright corrections"

Added or updated copyrights in 3 .def files

Change-Id: If6266dced785338d3f3d2c08f46e02e17c9fd682

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Added one missing HP copyright

Change-Id: Ifccaf2e09bfc03cb0b05f48e7a4b56841227945b

LP 1463179 - VSBB update causes TM heap leak

Change-Id: Ie2362d9d431affa1d5c02a4629bb097b426ae47b

Accidental client code delivery

Change-Id: I92c781b709fe0b876e7c738fea97bad939981eff

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Merge "Security bug fixes"

Merge "Do not run check-copyrights step in make all"

Copyright corrections

Put correct form of Apache License into many source files.

The file is used on Windows, and is

treated as binary on Linux. However, it is visible in

Linux with "cat", and editable with "notepad" on Windows.

In patch set 2, updated sql/regress/newregr by deleting some

unused files, updating copyrights in scripts, and removing

copyrights from front of expected test results. This is not

a final list of the changes needed, since the test suites in

the "newregr" directory need more work before they run correctly.

Change-Id: If0ea5331b822764191c839c38dfd84218612fe7a

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Added and corrected copyright statements

The instructions for building were improved, they are in

the odbcclient/README.txt file, not in

Change-Id: I3b33d47fc46f22bbaa8b2468b3290b10b525d049

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clean up old version for SSCC data before compaction

Change-Id: I347175c25ce319bc88e2271f661b1635bf930754