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Merge "Remove begin transaction check for retired transId"

Merge "changes to improve plan quality of OSS queries."

Address LP 1404951 - seabase/TEST010 failing

This commit changes the default value for COMP_BOOL_184 to 'ON'.

The effect of this is that MDAM probes will now fetch only one row

of data rather than the previous default of 100 rows.

NOTE: Because the original problem reported in LP 1404951 does not

seem to be reproducible any more, this check-in is being made to

improve the performance of MDAM problems.

HOWEVER, it is possible that this change will cause the original

problem to occur again. Namely that an incorrect number of rows

could be returned for certain SQL queries (as originally reported

in LP 1404951.) If anyone does run into this problem again, the

default value for COMP_BOOL_184 will need to be changed back to

'OFF' until the root cause for the incorrect number of rows issue

can be determined.

Change-Id: I95e5ae885bcb9122eb4e38d3b1f78c32aff5ef13

New ustat algorithm and bulk load integration

This is the initial phase of the Update Statistics change to use

counting Bloom filters and a Hive backing sample table created

during bulk load and amended whenever a new HFile for a table

is created. All changes are currently disabled pending some

needed fixes and testing.

blueprint ustat-bulk-load

Change-Id: I32af5ce110b0f6359daa5d49a3b787ab518295fa

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Remove begin transaction check for retired transId

Change-Id: I66145da0503059fd3473a9f8600eaeaf7574357b

Fix diff of TEST042

Compile Time in EXPECTED042 are 00:00:00.001742 and 00:00:00.001621,

which are considered FAIL by FILTER042, while result in offical build

are within SUCCESS range.

It is tricky that you have to update EXPECT042 with LOG042 from release build.

Change-Id: I67f6dd8befe7f555fd4ba4acd18531df0f5c88ae

PHASE3&4- Transactional DDL - TM, RM, TMlib and JNI changes for create

RM changes to accept SQL requests

JNI changes for RM java to communicate with TMlib cpp

TMlib changes to accepts different DDL requests and send messages to TM

Changes in TMcpp side to receive ddl create request

Changes in tmmsg header to receive multiple types of ddl requests

JNI changes to pass 'createTable' requests from TMcpp to Tmjava side

Change-Id: I2e30c57298111293dc91bae7deeb44b92be0e9c1

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Transactions for DDL, Abort and Commit processing.

Change-Id: I26e5d3a2d40339146def6913e4fd719e36a76ea2

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Merge "Phase2 - DDL Transactions - create"

Merge "Incorporate install of REST server to install_local_hadoop"

Support cancel for DDL, update stats, and utils

This change propagates parent query ID to queries created

by DDL, update stats and utils. In this way, preexisting

code sets up child query IDs and the preexisting cancel

broker code in RMS cancels the entire query tree below

the indicated parent. Also added is logic to check for a

canceled parent at the time a child query ID is setup in

Statement::execute, to make the scheme more robust and

to support a common scenario where the parent is compiling

a child query at the time of cancel.

This change also makes ex_root_tcb::cancel to wait for

cancel broker message completion. This fixes a problem where

a query (e.g., CREATE INDEX or DROP INDEX) is prepared,

executed once and gets an error, then re-execed. In this

case, sqlci was not closing the statement after the error.

To improve robustness, after an error we will now wait for

message completion, if needed.

Since we do not yet have transaction protection for DDL,

it will usually be required to cleanup canceled DDL

operations by using the CLEANUP command.

Change-Id: I8940f7108906d5d8d1a8aa4574aacf2b9ffcf0b6

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Merge "Avoid unnecessary memory allocation while logging via log4cpp"

Merge "fix in T4 Driver"

Phase2 - DDL Transactions - create

Changes in TM java side for DDL transactions - create table

Change-Id: Ib5ea64f9fb7d47d0fd45d1d89647d6b8dfc69c7e

Merge "Fix for bug #1414100"

Merge "Fix for updated tpcds_kit file."

Merge "fix t2 catalog api"

Merge "Performance improvement for performScan defect"

Merge "Fixs a problem when local transactions are turned on."

Avoid unnecessary memory allocation while logging via log4cpp

log4cpp.getInstance method takes in std::string argument. Wven the caller

passes in const char *, a std::string instance is created. Changed

code to pass std::string object from all callers to avoid memory

allocation from system heap

Change-Id: Id46e084b8eff8dacd31251a8a23ef013cf886a91

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Performance improvement for performScan defect

Change-Id: Icf6473b67ff6621bb895e3b705b828678440ffef

Merge "Fix for performScan, new RS memoryUsage and use of hbase config"

Fix for bug #1432703

Removed the support for "query" type from command parameters.

Change-Id: I433efe960236624185dd1219d336083c964d6073

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Fixs a problem when local transactions are turned on.

Change-Id: I61b65b0f29a44583eaf34493015b9c34c1351532

Merge "Patch for logging udf , udr log and hive failures"

Merge "Added additional REST server commands"

Fix for performScan, new RS memoryUsage and use of hbase config

Change-Id: I18ffee46fa8b0286e3f66fe53cbf1414c83afeb0

Merge "Add switch-controlled transaction conflict reinstatement"

Incorporate install of REST server to install_local_hadoop

Change-Id: I5357202098dd582e6ea0ae8fc6955bbb212693fb

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Merge "Add joining/spare-up notices."