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TRAFODION-1569 Release package has missing and incorrect files

Couple of additional fixes to remove obsolete names

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TRAFODION-1560 Release package has missing and incorrect files

Fixed a RAT issue with trafodion_license file

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Trafodion-1569 -- Release package has missing and incorrect files

Created a DISCLAIMER.txt file

Created a LICENSE.txt file

removed the file and replaced it with README.txt

Updated the NOTICE.txt to add copyright dates from HP

Modified RAT_README.txt and .rat-excludes to match the

soure package; also reformatted it a bit

Remove the file license-gpl2.txt since it is not used

Change the license copyrights around in trafodion_license so it will

pass the rat test

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Merge [TRAFODION-1556] PR 152 Improve UPDATE STATS performance

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Merge change release version from 1.3 to 2.0

Merge [TRAFODION-25] Fix bug preventing fully parallelized DELETEs

Merge [TRAFODION-1567] PR 149 Run HDFS commands only on nodes with HDFS

Merge [TRAFODION-1561] PR 146 List all DCS configurations

fix core/TEST162

Rework for fix to JIRA-1556

Merge remote branch 'github/master' into MDAMfix

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Change release version from 1.3 to 2.0

The release1.3 branch is created. This will now distinguish the master

branch as preparing for 2.0 release.

Merge [TRAFODION-1540] PR-136 Replace host name with IP address

Merge [TRAFODION-1519] PR-126 Use free tool to build windows ODBC

[TRAFODION-25] Fix bug preventing fully parallelized DELETEs

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Merge remote branch 'origin/pr/148/head' into mrg_73

[[ TRAFODION 1567 ]]

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[TRAFODION-1564]Split/balance is not being delayed

Region split/balance is not being delayed if Trx Scanner obj is present

Fix was to delay on scanners list clear OR pending list clear instead

of AND.

Moved sqgen step after dcsinstaller and restinstaller

Merge branch 'master' of into wrk-brnch

Merge remote branch 'origin/pr/144/head' into merge_trafodion144

Merge remote branch 'origin/pr/140/head' into merge_trafodion140

Rework for issues found by Dave and Selva. The flush size is not set in units of KB, with a default of 1024KB. Explain will report it in rows. Size in rows, as sent to executor is capped at 32767.

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Merge remote branch 'origin/pr/145/head' into merge_trafodion145

List all configurations

add copyright for installer.iss

Update the windowsODBC package name to 1.3.0

Chaged the windows ODBC package name from TFODBC64-1.2.0.exe to


Trafodion-1560 -- Improve script that sets up tools needed for Trafodion build

fixed review comments