Sandhya Sundaresan <>
on 25 Nov 14
LOB datatype infrastructure support
Technology preview.
More changes expected as part of this work before it
is user ready.
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LOB datatype infrastructure support

   Technology preview.

   More changes expected as part of this work before it

   is user ready.

   blueprint lob-support

   This checkin contains basic support for create blob/clob datatypes.

   The feature is disabled by default. Instructions on how to enable are

   listed below.

   New test executor/TEST130 that turns the feature on and tests out the


   New mxlobsrvr process will be started as part of sqstart.

   Create and drop of  tables with LOB columns.

   No support for alter.

   DML support for LOB datatypes.

   Insert, update and deletes. Joins of 2 tables with LOB columns are

   allowed but joins on LOB columns temselves are not allowed.

   Insert-select from one LOB table another not yet supported.

   Link to document from the blueprint will be added shortly.

   To enable and try LOBs:

   On a developer workstation :


   On a cluster after installing the code 2 steps are needed:


   2. sudo su hdfs --command "hadoop fs -mkdir /lobs"

      sudo su hdfs --command "hadoop fs -chown -R trafodion:trafodion


       This checkin includes several merges from the mainline and each of

   the lines below represents one commit to the project branch where this

   work was done. `

       -Turning off LOB code by default. But turning it on in

   executor/TEST130 just to ensure testing the code path.

       -Support for showddl and some syntax for external files and stream.

       -LOB regression test

       -Workaround for dtm issue LP 378167

       -Changes to make append work. Changes to use lob heap.

       -Fix for using system heap for all LOB allocations and handling NULLs.

       -Added workaround for cursor delete issue. LP 1376969

       -Fixes for update.

       -Parser changes for exe_util_lob_extract

       -Pull in lob extract code

       -Adding mxlobsrvr directory

       -Fixed the LOB interface to use  2 new params for cursor fetches. They do

       not overload the LOB Handle and LOB handle length anymore.

       Added a flag to lobGlobals to indetify it's a hive access.

       Cleaned up parser code.

       -LOB support for create,drop,insert,delete,select.

Change-Id: I7c8125696e847b71580b746388632e75741bd347

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