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Fix for phoenix T2 tests in FunkyNamesTest

FunkyNamesTest has been removed temporarily

EsgynDB is not able to support delimited column names correctly. It has always been returning incorrect results.

We have modified FunkyNamesTest to suit our behavior. With the change to move from Array to HashMap for performance

reasons in both T4 and T2 driver code. However, the incorrect results differ between T2 and T4 when there are

more than one delimited column name matches due to uppercasing the column name always. This needs some change

in the descriptor information sent from SQL engine to denote that column names are delimited to preserve case.

We need to use the case preserving key String for delimited column names and case insensitive key String for

regular column names in the HashMap to convert from column names to column index.

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Optimizing and avoiding unnecessary function calls shown as hot spots in jprofile - part-II

Changed Hashtable to HashMap where possible with the assumption that the JDBC connection

shouldn't be used from different threads. TrafT4Connection object needs be made thread-safe.

Optimized org.trafodion.jdbc.t4.TrafT4ResultSet.findColumn by using HashMap of columnName to

columnIndex. This should avoid excessive calls to java.lang.String.equalsIgnoreCase.

Removed excessive calls to java.lang.Class.getMethod from TrafT4ResultSet

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Refact package name

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convert all MY_SQROOT to TRAF_HOME

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[TRAFODION-2247] upsert on altered aligned format table with missing columns inserts incorrect values

While generating mergeInsertExpr or updateExpr, the added columns were not considered. This resulted

in incorrect relative offset value in the expressions in case of aligned row format and the row got


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TRAFODION-2234 Updated phoenix tests to work around an upsert on aligned format pbm

aligned format and upsert issue being tracked by jira trafodion-2247.

When that jira is fixed, phoenix testware changes will be reverted back.

updated phoenix test to handle bug reported by trafodion-2247

[TRAFODION-2206] Fix phx T2 test references to trafodion jar files

Additional jdbcT4 changes in other components

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[TRAFODION-1929] Set correct working dir for phx dependency builds

Per the Jira, the testing environment now invokes the test script in

the trafodion user environment, but that also has the side effect of

making the current directory as trafodion home directory.

The test script already calculates the path where it was invoked,

so changing directory there makes the dependent builds work.

[TRAFODION-1930] Phoenix T2 tests failing with HDP during build phase

Change the repository URL to

Note TRAFODION-1929 and TRAFODION-1930 will need a change in

testware to pass in the CLASSPATH till the root cause of Error 706

is known.

Phoenix T2 tests failing with CDH

Partial-Bug: [TRAFODION-1929]

Temporary disable running tests with maven till root cause is known.

Fixed 2 date related issues in phoenix tests

(1) MM-DD-YYYY format is no longer supported. Changed it to MM/DD/YYYY

(2) Added an extra order by column to reinforce the row order of a date column.

[TRAFODION-1735] Added Apache license header for major mods

Per advice on legal-discuss mail list, these third-party files

have been modified enough that they need the Apache header as well

as the original copyright info.

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Remove the from phoenix

Remove it from phoenix since it is now in dcs/src/test/jdbc_test

Merge branch 'master' of into myphoenix

Add new jdbc rowsets test cases to dcs/src/test/jdbc_test folder.

New test cases added:

1. Batch insert with string overflow.

2. Batch update with string overflow.

3. Batch update with ID duplication.

4. Order the result set for test result assertion.

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Added a comment explaining missing check.

Merge [TRAFODION-1642] License issue fixes

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Add a new case to BatchTest of Phoenix test

1. A new test case of inserting duplciate primary key value with

"insert" statement.

2. Changed the initializtion of expected value array of upsert

duplicate primary key values, previous code may cause incorrect test


TRAFODION-1642: Release 1.3.0 copyrights and license files are incorrect

Part 2 of copyright and licensing changes

Removed double copyrights in files

Updated LICENSE, README, RAT_README to reflect latest changes

Added licenses directory to include license text

Added .gitattributes to exclude files from the source tar file

Changed Hewlett Packard copyright to Apache copyrights in win-odbc

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Add Batch Data test cases for JDBC drivers

1. BatchInsert positive test case added into phoenix

2. BatchInsert negative test case added into phoenix

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Cleanup the scripts to remove HP names

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TRAFODION-1569 Release package has missing and incorrect files

Couple of additional fixes to remove obsolete names

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Fix for Phoenix T2 test failures due to missing DTM classes.

The new trafodion-dtm-1.2.0.jar file needed to be added to the

Phoenix tests as well, those are using Maven, not the CLASSPATH

set up in

Added TRAFODION_VER to properties in template file

[TRAFODION-1511] Phoenix tests when using T2 driver fails with Index out of range error

Updated the license file for Linux driver

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Copyright changes part 3 and cleanup work in dcs

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copyright changes in dcs and rest and removing HP references in asciidocs

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[TRAFODION-28] Update license text in tests directory

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