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Update release number to 1.0.0

Includes test changes for matching major/minor number of DB (trafodion/core).

Also DB product name test updated. Per Arvind:

This comment could be taken out now. Both return Trafodion with

commit a3a91d16fc6bb53a66fe544362ed5a3e0472ca19

Change-Id: I3233853543c7c3c783097b718ba7163866d8368a

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Reduced number of rows used in batch tests.

Reduced from to 6000 from 60000 to avoid tests timing out.

Also changed TOTALUPDATECOUNT to not be hardcoded.

Change-Id: I61741b9127b9041124995addade8b6df41d34150


Explicit create schema stmts executed in tests

Change-Id: I25b07f4689516dd1c271ad8803981e155c9bc06e

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Change jdbc_test directory structure

Change jdbc_test directory structure to org/trafodion/jdbc_test

Change-Id: Ifb6e3a8e96c766c3b0c16656a14f6caf5c411f90

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