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Change jdbc_test directory structure

Change jdbc_test directory structure to org/trafodion/jdbc_test

Change-Id: Ifb6e3a8e96c766c3b0c16656a14f6caf5c411f90

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Update release version to 0.9.0

Also patching tests which query the database version. This returns

different result now that core has changed to version 0.9.

Change-Id: Iecf8d31e252c1eb5e19c491f289b9c200c139a2d

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JDBC T4 Gate tests.

These tests will be run with every build to test the stability of DCS.

Please see README.rst for detailed instructions. is the Python script that execute the JUnit testcases. -help will show all the various parameters accepted.

The Java files contain the JUnit tests for the DCS component of Trafodion.

Change-Id: Iafc7c50cacfe90d44efbcfc16351d46a425b30bb

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