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Move dcs into subdir to combine repos

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Move dcs into subdir to combine repos

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Move dcs into subdir to combine repos

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LP 1442730 Eliminating SQL Cancel for PUBLISHING Queries

DCSMaster checks if OID ends with text "_PUBLISHING" and if yes, ignores

SQL Cancel

Patch #1

Fixed reported problems

Change-Id: I4b913517f5cbb20bfca203c6f9bfa9fa9abd5047

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Updated floating IP documentation

Added addtional text in architecture and configuration.

Fixed some nits from last code review

Change-Id: I2183f76a61034c08ab377b53e9f3e3a790b2d5fb

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Added floating IP feature

DcsMaster backups are configured in the conf/backup-masters file.

Whenever a backup takes over it now executes the bin/scripts/

script to move the floating IP to its own node. There are 3 new

properties necessary. They are:


Disabled by default. This property is used to enable/disable the

the floating IP feature.


There is no default. The user must specify the network interface

to use for floating ip.


There is no default. The user must specify the dotted IP

address to use for floating ip.

Patch set #2

removed hostname from backup-masters file

cleaned up trailing spaces

Patch set #3

updated copyrights

Change-Id: Ib9f9aa618716a0424c2dd160e5dc819c6c1a33eb

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Fixed query cancel sent by ODBC Driver

If Sql Cancel is sent by JDBC Driver, srvrObjRef has only portNumber.

When the request is sent by ODBC Driver, its format is following:


To get the portNumber we have to parse srvrObjRef string


Replaced ip Address by <IpAddress> and port number by <portNumber>

Change-Id: Ic839bee2be44e9ca88fa2f8cd2cb1a72ff5ef994

partialy fix for query cancel

1. prepared DcsMaster for accepting request sent by T4 Driver to cancel

the query

2. Cleanup the code. Changing tabs to spaces.

3. Added processing unknown requests.



1. To servermt added processing EndTransaction

2. To Master Listener added processing requests in LITTLE_ENDIAN

3. To servermt added fix for Logging

4. Fixed Exception message in RequestCancelQuery

5. In servermt fixed bugs reported in Phoenix Test.



1. Fixed wrong text exception

2. Added checking if LOG is on

3. Removed listing LOG properties

4. Fixed precision for TIME and TIMESTAMP

5. Changed TYPE_EXPLAIN to return result set

6. Changed in SqlFetch process EOD

7. To SqlPrepare added more LOG info

8. Changed TConnection/TStatement closing



1. added query cancel procedure.

2. to pom.xml changed hadoop version to 2.5.0-cdh5.3.0 to make T2 driver


3. to servermt added SqlClose Api

4. fixed more problems in servermt



1. in pom.xml changed hadoop version to 2.6.0 and removed cloudera


2. fixed connecting timeout.

3. added connecting server state.

4. cleanup debug log messages.

5. restored in ClientData accidently deleted code.



1. fixed TAB-SPAC issues



Fixed issues reported in code review

Change-Id: Ifd0b7835c87dbf84d5ea0dde05219a0651f19a74

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added new DCS Serverna

fixed reported issues:

1. copyright 2015

2. changed tabs to spaces

3. versioning in T2Driver

4. Added detailed description

fixed reported issues.

changed the name of Dcs Serverna to new name Dcs Servermt

changed System.out.println to LOG.debug

changed serverna to servermt in jamon

added property dcs.server.handlers.threads.max. This

property limits number of threads created by Dcs Server.

Default value is 10.

Fixed error in dcs

fixed description of the property

cleanup the code

changed system.out.println to LOG

Change-Id: Ib5b47a5c09171ddd1b1f062fe8e7b26bf31779bd

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Fixed issue with Trafodion query tools connection pool

Added more error checking to handle errors

Change-Id: I9c66c03cb45643b15602afb91f05c2d78c7d5b55

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Trafodion repository fixes

Ability to query 3 repository tables and visual query plan.

Change-Id: Iedfb3c879d6d7f2c1c0a66472a9ae28ad7d64eb9

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Manageability changes in DCS

1) Port mapping

At startup DcsMaster now creates a list of TCP/IP ports based on the

entries in the conf/servers file and writes it to the zookeeper

/<username>/trafodion/dcs/servers/registered znode. Each MXOSRVR reads

the port map list and retrieves its unique port number.

2) Trafodion repository

JDBC type4 is used to access SQL from DcsMaster. The feature is disabled

by default but may be enabled by overriding the unpublished

"dcs.master.trafodion.repository" property with a value of .true. in

your dcs-site.xml file.

3) HA for DcsMaster

A new file, /bin/, was added that when called from

dcs-start/dcs-stop script look for the presence of optional

/conf/backup-masters file. This feature works like the existing

.servers. in that you can specify hostnames, one per line, e.g.,

.localhost.. The script will start/stop DcsMaster processes on all hosts

defined in the file. The DcsMaster has new leader election code so that

only one DcsMaster process is the .leader.. All others wait, in a

non-herding fashion, for other DcsMasters to fail. The vision is that

the Seaquest .ndcsbind. script may be run prior to starting DCS but

more effort is needed to test this. This commit sets up the

infrastructure. There.s no property for this feature as it.s enabled

only the /conf/backup-masters file exists and has host names defined.

4) Trafodion logs

As a convenience DcsMaster can display the Trafodion log files found in

$MY_SQROOT/logs. There was no requirement for this rather I added for my

development use. Be warned that DcsMaster is not aware of Trafodion

configuration changes so right now it only looks in $MY_SQROOT/logs.

This feature is disabled by default but may be enabled by overriding the

unpublished "dcs.master.trafodion.logs" property with a value of .true.

in your dcs-site.xml file.

5) Basic Security

Provide basic infrastructure to authenticate DcsMaster Web UI users. A

new file /conf/ was added as a first step. It allows for

definition of users with roles. The embedded Jetty web server reads this

file and uses it to authenticate users attempting to access the

DcsMaster web UI. This feature will surely change over time. It also

supports #3 above as we need username/password for the connection to SQL

in T4 driver. We want users to only see/cancel their own queries. This

feature is disabled by default but may be enabled by overriding the

unpublished "" property with a value of .true. in

your dcs-site.xml file.

Change-Id: I3e258f698dd828e683f0de03c2fe67c3ce4a5d26

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DcsServer controls multiple MXOSRVRs

Change-Id: Ifcc9aa0b74087791c11b903b5c1ef7487dabc398

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DCS connections are now more evenly spread out among nodes

Change-Id: I13765883b31639dcf3ae5c12a90444ab8e135961

DCS Initial Code Drop

Change-Id: I823bdb655c9c1d0dc8266b8efaecedb094624edd

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